Streamline your per diem strategy

When adjusting for high case volumes or last-minute callouts, tap into CareRev’s pool of local, fully vetted healthcare professionals directly - no middlemen, no paperwork, no hassle.

Simplify your per diem process
Save the headache of working with multiple agencies by consolidating your per diem efforts into a single solution. Simply post and manage shifts in the CareRev app and qualified professionals in your area will book them.
Trust in fully vetted, experienced nurses
Better care mean better patient outcomes, which is why all CareRev professionals are fully vetted and qualified before they can book shifts. Interviews are conducted by RNs, not recruiters, and every candidate goes through background checks and immunity certifications.
Plan ahead for high case volumes
Achieve higher fill rates by planning in advance. Post and book shifts weeks or even months ahead of schedule to avoid scrambling at the last minute for move coverage.
Better prepare for emergencies
If you do find yourself scrambling at the last minute, log in to CareRev, post a shift, and an available professional will book it within minutes. No more outdated or inefficient process of going through several agencies.

Modern, intuitive interface to manage your workforce

Skip the clunky interfaces of outdated systems and make your processes more efficient with a solution that is intuitive and simple. Navigate with ease through straightforward schedule views, professional profiles and communication tools.

Data and insights to measure success

From number of shifts to fill rates, CareRev automatically provides the reporting and analytics to help you better understand your staffing strategy and how to optimize your resources within each department.

Simple, fast implementation

CareRev is lightweight and doesn't require integrations or heavy IT involvement. Need healthcare professionals ASAP? Register today and, depending on your region, our team will get you up and running so you can fill shifts within a week.

Less time and money spent on recruiting

While helping you fill shifts faster today, we also support long-term recruiting efforts. Rather than spending more on actively recruiting now, get to know nurses through the CareRev app and work together for a few shifts before making the jump to full-time -- decreasing the chances of turnover.

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