Per diem reimagined

CareRev connects you directly to healthcare professionals through a mobile app, no vendors, no agencies, and no middle-men. We lower your overall staffing costs, eliminate the need for inflexible & lengthy travel contracts and empower you to focus on what matters: patient care.

Connect with Staff
Local, qualified professionals are notified by our AI-powered matching system, and accept the shifts. Instantly communicate with them and review credentials online.
Request Needs
Post shifts for your upcoming schedule or for last minute needs on an intuitive online calendar.
Assemble a Crew
Through continuous use, surgery centers cultivate relationships with their favorite professionals to create an all-star per diem team.
Centralize Management
Easily communicate directly with all your per diem in a single place. Eliminate the need to continuously hire and credencial new professionals.

Communicate directly with healthcare professionals

Direct communication with professionals builds relationships, increases trust, and enables clear expectations for both parties. With the CareRev platform, no additional communication tools are necessary. ASCs are able to reach out to professionals directly, and schedule them for shifts, provide feedback, or ask questions.

Best Vetting Process in the Industry

Facilities have RN managers interview prospective staff to deem if they have the clinical skills and personalities to fit into their units - why shouldn't external staffing solutions do the same? CareRev does! Experienced RNs to do all CareRev's professional interviews. These interviews include clinical questions, a skills checklist, and a personality test. Additionally, we utilize background checks, drug screens, referrals, and license verification. We only invite the highest qualified, safe, and professional healthcare workers into our exclusive group. Joint Commission Certified.

Eliminate unnecessary expenditures

CareRev facilities don’t rely on overtime, travel contracts, or expensive agencies to fill empty shifts. ASCs can now scale back up and down with demand and get the most out of their core staff while using CareRev to complement additional needs. Our facility partners stay lean without compromising patient care, canceling surgeries or losing doctors.

Easy to use cloud based software & app

Minimize onboarding and staff training time. Gone are the days of countless hours on the phone finding help. With the CareRev platform, even technology-shy facility operators are able to easily fill their professional needs with a few screen taps on their computer or phone.

Facility-required documentation available online 24/7

Our software and compliance team work together to make sure professionals arrive at healthcare facilities with all of the valid documentation required. They are all housed and kept up-to-date on our platform. The CareRev onboarding process is recognized by the Joint Commission with an award of excellence. The days of worrying about audits and compliance with per diem professionals are over.

80% of the shifts filled by returning professionals

Continuity is key to excellent patient care and happy doctors. CareRev’s smart matching technology keeps a consistent pool of professionals engaged and working at each of our facilities. Administrators and DONs can select their favorite professionals and create a strong team that serves a facility’s needs as it builds long-lasting relationships.

AI powered shift matching system

The right professional at the right time. Our smart matching system uses AI to help ASCs match their needs with the appropriately skilled professionals. This creates a simplified, seamless, and worry-free experience for Administrators and DONs.

Highest shift fill-rates in the industry

The industry fill rate for per diem shifts is 37%. CareRev has a fill rate for Surgery Centers above 90%. How do we accomplish high fill rates? We built a solution for healthcare professionals that makes them happy. Our platform modernizes work for our professionals by providing them with flexibility, autonomy, and ease of use.

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