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We understand the high cost of travel labor

According to the American College of Healthcare Executives, the top two issues keeping CEOs up at night are:
Workforce problems
Financial problems

It's a challenging time, especially when these issues have become intrinsically linked. Addressing the ongoing nurse shortage with travel nurse agencies, a trusted traditional solution, has unfortunately started to strain budgets with double rates.


We can save you money

CareRev empowers facilities to hire local, pre-qualified healthcare professionals on-demand to reduce and eliminate labor expenses vs. travel agencies.
labor costs

Set your own rates based on your market.

Lower or no incentive/bonus costs.

No expenses, stipends, etc.

Cancel shifts
without penalty

Schedule according to patient census.

Cancel up to 2 hours prior with no penalty.

Decrease recruitment & onboarding costs

CareRev streamlines recruitment, onboarding, orientation and credentialing, saving resources and time.


Replace travel agencies with CareRev on-demand professionals

One CareRev client, an 8-hospital, ~3,000-bed midwest health system, grew a robust pool of more than 500 caregivers with limited shift rate sensitivity in 1 year.
  • With a robust pool established at higher rates, more shifts are filled over time, suggesting that caregivers become less price sensitive once situated.
  • Smaller, incremental rate drops over time demonstrate less impact to pool growth than more significant rate drops (15%+).
  • Growing a pool of caregivers to 100+ provides resilience and creates more stable growth in filled shifts.
A CareRev client, a 327-bed southeastern regional medical center, took these steps to replace travel agencies with CareRev on-demand professionals in just 6 months.
  1. The CFO mandated the reduction and removal of travel contracts.
  2. The facility reviewed and ranked all travel contracts by end date, specialty and unit.
  3. CareRev conducted outreach to ranked caregivers for interest in short-term engagements (STEs).
  4. CareRev facilitated processes and requirements for each unit to select caregivers.
  5. The facility initiated a phased approach while coordinating with CareRev on the availability of caregivers who expressed interest in STEs.
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The healthcare industry faces increasing workforce and financial issues.

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