Addressing workforce recovery to overcome the labor shortage.

ALFs and SNFs across the country are experiencing critical labor challenges and financial hardships that make it difficult to operate effectively. It is crucial to understand these hindrances to identify realistic and sustainable solutions thoroughly.

What are the more impactful ways to battle the ongoing labor shortage for your post-acute care workforce?

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A robust pipeline of professionals is essential

Those over the age of 85 require the most care, and the percentage of people in that age range is predicted to double to 14 million by 2040. Post-acute care facilities providing that care need more professionals, but as wages rise, financial strains often make it difficult to solve these labor challenges. For example, facilities are often fiercely cost-conscious and typically seek options that adhere to narrow margins. Some of these facilities also hold contracts with other healthcare systems, making it difficult to enter into new agency contracts.

How to overcome these challenges in the post-pandemic economy

The winners will be those who apply key learnings and establish strategic partnerships to sustain and scale their organizations. CareRev is a technology platform allowing on-demand work possible for ALFs and SNFs by aggregating shifts and professionals into one platform.

It embraces practical innovation, giving facilities the ability to: