CareRev is ready to support healthcare facilities through volatile staffing demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our flexible talent pool includes relevant specialties such as ER and ICU RNs, Respiratory Therapists, and CNAs. If you need staffing help and want to join our marketplace, please call (415) 223-9964. 

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Facing critical staffing shortages

Running a hospital in Los Angeles has its challenges, especially in staffing.  Finding staff support is time consuming and manual - both external and internal requests are typically made with phone calls and text messages. To fill a single shift, it can take a hospital’s staffing department at least three different calls to multiple agencies.

A facility might even have to bring in a team of staffing coordinators just to support the management of extra shifts. In addition, fluctuations in patient census, as well as unplanned in-house staff absences can often tie up resources and increase overall operational costs.
Mission Community Hospital faced all of these issues in the fall of 2017.  Flu season caused a sudden rush of sick patients to be admitted into the facility, doubling its population in only a few days. The only source of extra workers was their own internal employees, costing 1.5x the normal pay rate for every additional shift. This cost the hospital tens of thousands of dollars in bonus shifts. Staff turnover didn’t help either. With no internal float pool, failing per diem agencies, and the inability to bring in travelers quickly, the facility faced a critical staff shortage.

Matt Kempiak, the HR manager of Mission Community, began to look around for solutions. He knew that traditional agencies were only providing a 19% fill rate. In addition, travelers were expensive and not flexible enough for last-minute shifts.

An Opportunity in Disguise

After exhausting all of his existing options, Matt was introduced to CareRev.

It turned out that CareRev had the capacity and business model to easily fulfill the hospital’s part-time staffing needs with the highest quality of professionals. During that flu season, 20-30 shifts a day were posted, and 85% were staffed. This enabled the facility to open more beds and allow more patients to be admitted.

"We had trouble hiring quickly, and we couldn’t get our new graduate nurses trained fast enough to help alleviate the demand."
Dianne Wagner, CNO
Mission Community Hospital
In terms of time and resources spent, CareRev’s browser-based platform allowed the staffing department to schedule a bulk amount of professionals with a few clicks on their desktop computers. Within minutes, the staffing manager was able to fill an entire 6 week schedule. In addition, the platform allowed for last minute staffing requests to be made. No more frantic phone calls back and forth. No additional staff to coordinate schedules. All within a single provider.

To ensure that CareRev’s professionals were of the highest quality, each applicant went through a strict vetting process, including training, work history review, and a telephone interview conducted by experienced RNs that consisted of critical thinking and clinical practice questions. At CareRev, only 20% of applicants make it through the vetting process.

"They arrive ready to hit the ground running, and are 100% independent."
Lisa Marshall, Staffing Director
Mission Community Hospital

Technology wise, CareRev’s AI-powered platform helped match highly qualified healthcare professionals with open shifts based on experience, charting expertise, and skillset. Using the CareRev Favorites feature, the hospital had 80 percent of it’s shifts filled by returning professionals.

In less than a year of partnership, CareRev was able to deliver more than 1500 shifts. More importantly, the hospital was able to save close to $200K in staffing costs.

Comprised of 145 beds, this hospital has provided healthcare to a wide variety of patients for over 50 years. The different units include medical, surgical, critical care, and mental health.

About CareRev

"CareRev is our go-to for per diem shifts not only due to the quality, ease of use, and fill rates but because of the cost savings"
Mihi Lee, CFO
Mission Community Hospital
CareRev is a cloud-based platform that connects hospitals to the next generation of healthcare workers.

Founded and led by William Patterson, RN, BSN, the company started by filling on-demand shifts, delivering pre-op, OR and PACU per diem registered nurses to ambulatory surgery centers in San Francisco. It quickly expanded to the hospital market with community hospitals and healthcare systems. Now, CareRev is a leader in part-time solutions for hospitals in California.

Today, CareRev staffs healthcare professionals such as ER RNs, ICU RNs, Med Surg RNs, CNAs, Surgical Technicians, Radiologic Technicians, and CRNAs. The company is present in California and Florida. In the second quarter of 2018, CareRev is expanding to other states.

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