Senior Mobile Developer


We’re looking for highly an experienced mobile developer (3+ years working with Android) who is comfortable working independently. Ideally you’ll have created Android apps using native technologies and have experience with Kotlin, Android architectural components and material design. Familiarity with iOS is a plus as well as having built apps from the ground up.

About Us

Healthcare cost represents 17% of US GDP. That’s 3 trillion dollars! A large portion is costs associated with medical doctors, nurses and healthcare staff in general. The world of healthcare staffing is dominated by telephones, fax machines, and paper calendars.

CareRev is bringing the future of work to Health Care. We’re building a future where the people who work in healthcare have better tools and are empowered to be the healers they want to be.

CareRev includes an online marketplace for healthcare staff. Hospitals book highly specialized professionals on every day. 

We’re funded by an extraordinary group of investors including Y Combinator, Funders Club, Michael Sibel and other YC alumni. 

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CareRev is now 100% remote. We have a small office in Los Angeles (Venice/Mar Vista) open for use by employees, as long as social distance can be ensured.