Customer Success Manager

Chicago, IL
$45k to $75k, +benefits, +equity

Healthcare cost represents 17% of US GDP. That’s 3 trillion dollars! A large portion is costs associated with medical doctors, nurses and healthcare staff in general. The world of healthcare staffing is dominated by telephones, fax machines, and paper calendars. We’re building a future where the people who work in healthcare have better tools and are empowered to be the healers they want to be.

CareRev is an online marketplace for healthcare staff. Hospitals book highly specialized professionals on every day.

CareRev is funded by an extraordinary group of investors including Y Combinator.

We're searching for our 1st hire in the Chicago market. A customer success manager, capable of engaging with both Hospitals and Nurses.

As a Customer Success Manager you will:

  • support new Hospitals and new professionals from the 1st time they hear about CareRev and contact us to their 1st shift at a medical facility and beyond;
  • describe the CareRev platform and benefits and educate new users on the differences between CareRev and traditional agencies;
  • forge trust relationships with healthcare professionals and facilities;
  • spend most of your day talking to users on the phone, via chat, email, text, and in person; you'll be the eyes and ears of CareRev.
  • understand and take action based on demand for professionals as reflected in the information provided by customer usage, by sales, and by account managers;
  • support the creation of a standard onboarding process, including playbooks, templates, and scripts;
  • track qualitative and quantitative data to provide user-focused product and marketing recommendations.

To be successful you must:

  • have a BA or BS degree from a University or College;
  • have a minimum of 5 years experience either in a staffing environment or in a tech startup, in a user-facing role;
  • you’re a cloud and collaboration tools native, that means you’re comfortable with all google products, dropbox, trello, slack, etc.;
  • have a professional attitude, tone, and demeanor;
  • enjoy speaking to people and helping them use and understand technology, some of our users are not tech savvy; patience, compassion, and grit are a necessity for this role;

We also value if you:

  • have been involved in turning repeated actions into a software product, any previous product work;
  • have experience with two-sided online marketplaces;
  • have worked independently, in a remote team before.


  • flexible work environment (work from home, from a co-work, or anywhere you can be productive);
  • competitive pay, including equity.

To apply, email your answers to the following questions to Please take a moment to write a thoughtful response so that we can start to get to know you. :)

1. Why are you looking for a new position/project now?

2. Why are you applying to this particular position, Customer Success Manager in Chicago?

3. Please highlight the most relevant part of your experience or of yourself that makes you a good fit for CareRev in general and for the role of Customer Success in Chicago in particular.

4. Are you currently based in Chicagoland and are you comfortable working as a remote employee? Our main office is in LA, but we are looking for someone based in Chicagoland.

We look forward to hearing from you!