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CareRev is a labor transformation solution that enables healthcare systems to optimize their workforce and reduce premium labor costs while empowering healthcare professionals to take control of their careers.

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Reduced overall labor costs
Save money through better internal float management and decreases in premium labor spend
More flexible, efficient workforce
Optimize your internal workforce while leveraging the flexibility of a fully-vetted, local talent pool when you need them
Improved medical recruitment and engagement
Recruit more efficiently and strategically and decrease turnover risk with a more engaged workforce
Our lightweight, mobile-friendly technology allows you to post shifts to your internal resource pool and, when needed, cascade them to CareRev’s local pool of professionals.

To make it even easier, implementation is fast, configured to your needs, and doesn’t require an IT resource.
CareRev is our go-to for external staffing, not only due to the quality of professionals, ease of use, and high fill rates, but also because of the cost savings associated with reducing overtime and expensive travel contracts.
Mihi Lee, Chief Financial Officer
Mission Community Hospital
CareRev is Sonoma Valley’s choice for per diem RNs because they promptly and consistently fill our needs for skilled professionals. Their innovative platform has been a game changer for our organization.
Mark Kobe, Chief Nursing Officer
Sonoma Valley Hospital
It's perfect. The facility I worked at was great. Thank you CareRev!
Yolanda Casillas, Pre-op, OR and PACU RN, Orange County
I love picking up shifts with CareRev. I love the convenience of picking up shifts on my phone and setting up my own schedule, and also the deposit directly to my account twice each week! I can only be grateful for working with such a great company.
Nora S., Medical-Surgical RN, Los Angeles

What makes CareRev different?

We ensure every shift is filled by giving you the unique ability to post shifts to your internal resource pool and, when needed, cascade them to CareRev’s local pool of healthcare professionals, enabling you to optimize your entire workforce while reducing premium labor spend.