The on-demand healthcare staffing solution

CareRev Marketplace provides enterprise hospitals and health systems a solution that adapts to the peaks and valleys all healthcare providers experience.

Don’t over-schedule full-time staff and risk nurse burnout, tap the talent of CareRev Marketplace for hard-to-fill shifts, when you’re short-staffed, or any time you need extra qualified help.
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Fill shifts on-demand, without travel contracts or agencies

Reliable, flexible professionals when you need them most.

CareRev Marketplace connects you to qualified professionals who are ready to work. Post your available shifts and professionals claim them through the app, reducing time-intensive administrative tasks, helping you fill shifts faster.

Access the largest pool of qualified professionals

CareRev’s internal team recruits and onboards healthcare professionals for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Every professional in the CareRev Marketplace meets or exceeds credentialing requirements established by The Joint Commission, CMS, CDC, OSHA, and HHS, ensuring compliance.

Nurses on CareRev’s Marketplace have more education and experience than the industry standard.
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Fill shifts faster

A less manual, tech-enabled process reduces time and labor costs, and shifts are claimed more quickly.
  • Facilities can post open shifts (individually or in bulk), change the hourly rate, set schedules, communicate with professionals, and more, all through the app.
  • CareRev’s qualified per-diem professionals can claim shifts as soon as they are posted.
Using CareRev Marketplace, facilities nationwide have filled over 477,000 shifts.

Assignments eliminates inflexible, extended contracts

The Assignments feature in the CareRev Marketplace gives you the talent, tools, and expertise to flex your workforce based on patient demand.

No need to guess what future staffing needs might be. Assignments allows facilities to economically manage nurse staffing gaps without negotiating with an agency, or getting locked into a long-term contract that you may not need if patient loads decrease. (Because who can guess the future?)

Start using CareRev Marketplace as soon as you’re ready

Our Marketplace is available on the CareRev platform.
  • Joint Commission-certified, SaaS-based solution
  • API connections with your current software
  • Easy-to-use in-app features to streamline tasks and communications
  • Quick access to CareRev’s flexible labor pool, tools and technology
  • Reporting and insights for better decision-making around budget and staffing

How it works

Post a shift

Use the CareRev platform to post shifts for Registered Nurses, CNAs, Medical Assistants, and other on-demand healthcare professionals.

Connect with qualified healthcare professionals

On-demand (per-diem), vetted, professionals get a notification via the CareRev app on their smartphone when you post a shift.

A professional claims and works your shift

A qualified healthcare professional claims your shift through the CareRev app and works their shift at your facility. Or, select an applicant through the Assignments feature.

CareRev handles payments

CareRev pays healthcare professionals directly on your behalf.


Post blocks of shifts; no more travel contracts - predictive per diem.

Select the applicant you want, for the time period you want, at the rate you want.
A medical assistant sits at a desk, entering information into a computer system.

See a future with zero staffing shortages

Learn more about CareRev Marketplace and our pool of qualified, contingent professionals.
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Technology-driven platform to manage your workforce flexibility

CareRev FlexWork provides real-time updates, in-app notifications, and shift scheduling across your flexible resources to help you fill more shifts faster and prepare for fluctuating staffing demands with a tech-enabled workforce.

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CareRev's workforce management staffing platform.