Create a more flexible, efficient workforce

CareRev empowers hospitals and health systems with a technology-enabled, on-demand workforce that flexes up and down with patient demand and reduces overall labor costs.

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Centralize nurse staffing operations
Break down silos by building and managing a shared internal pool using Cascade. Easily float professionals, adjust schedules and broadcast open shifts across various units, departments and facilities.
Broadcast shifts to different teams
With Cascade, you can also ensure sufficient staffing by automatically posting shifts to different teams - easily broadcasting open shifts to your internal resource pool before CareRev’s professionals.
Prepare for staffing gaps and emergencies
Unlike other solutions, we provide a true back-up plan when you’re still short-staffed. Tap into a local pool of fully vetted, experienced CareRev professionals who can view and book shifts within minutes.
Improve overall employee engagement
Leverage the modern, user-friendly CareRev experience to recruit more effectively and motivate existing employees. When processes are smoother and more efficient, they can focus on what they love: caring for patients.

Native mobile app for professionals on the go

Create an easy mobile experience your professionals will love when picking up open shifts. Choose to optimize your internal resource pool by cascading shifts to them before the local CareRev pool, or go directly to our fully-vetted, local professionals when you need them.

Configurable solution to meet your unique requirements

During our lightweight implementation, the CareRev Implementation team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and existing processes to set up the solution in a way that fits your needs and adds efficiency.

Modern, intuitive interface to manage your workforce

Skip the clunky interfaces of outdated systems and make your processes more efficient with a solution that is intuitive and simple. Navigate with ease through straightforward schedule views, professional profiles and communication tools.

Data and insights to measure success

From number of shifts to fill rates, CareRev automatically provides the reporting and analytics to help you better understand your staffing strategy and how to optimize your resources within each department.

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