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Find affordable health insurance, connect with trusted caregivers, get meals and groceries delivered, fuel your professional development, and more.

No matter how much you choose to work using CareRev, we’ve got you covered with perks that provide holistic support for your whole life, not just your career.

Health insurance

Use Stride to find and enroll in the best health plan for your budget - fast.
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Tax partner

Exclusive 60% discount with Keeper to efficiently find deductions and file your taxes.
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Trusted caregivers is the world's largest online destination for care. Find caregivers for your loved ones. CareRev professionals receive 20% off a premium membership.
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Meal and grocery delivery

Discover local, on-demand delivery or pickup from restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, and more. CareRev professionals receive a free DashPass, which allows delivery fee-waiving and discounts at thousands of area restaurants and retailers.
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Professional resources and development

With Adni, you can find and purchase work gear, discover new jobs, trade advice, access free CEUs, and more. CareRev professionals earn 50 rewards points on all products in the Adni app with an exclusive discount code.
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More to come

We're always working to add value to your CareRev experience. Expect more premium perks — including mental health resources and tax preparation help — in the near future.

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