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Find answers to common questions about using the CareRev app, onboarding as a professional, and getting paid for worked shifts.


What is CareRev?

Using the CareRev app

Does CareRev have an app? How do I find available shifts?
How long does it take to see shifts?

Onboarding with CareRev

How do I pick up shifts?
Is there a minimum or maximum amount of hours I need to work?
How long does CareRev's onboarding process take?
What documents do I need to complete onboarding?
Can I use the CareRev app to try new professional specialties?
Do I need to attend a facility orientation or work a preceptor shift to claim a shift?

Payments + Referrals

When and how do I get paid?
Does CareRev deduct taxes from my payments?
How much can I earn using CareRev?
Does CareRev offer referral bonuses?

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