Our Mission

To prepare the healthcare industry for the future of work.
In 2015, Will Patterson was a trauma RN in San Francisco, CA. At work, he was experiencing first-hand how low nurse-to-patient ratios impacted his ability to provide excellent care for his patients. Outside of work, he was struggling to find per diem shifts to help with his student loan payments and was even watching his friends get second jobs to make ends meet because they, too, didn’t have an easy way of picking up extra shifts. 

At a time when you can call a ride, order groceries and get delivery through a mobile app, he thought, “Why can’t I do that with per diem shifts?”

That’s how CareRev was born.

Fast forward a few years and we’re now a growing team of developers, marketers, customer advocates, consultants and nursing leaders headquartered in sunny Venice, CA, working to bring you more than just a staffing solution.

We see the healthcare workforce changing in major ways so we’re laser-focused on empowering healthcare facilities and professionals to provide the best care possible. Through our modern and flexible technology solutions, we’re preparing the healthcare industry for the future of work.

What we do

For facilities

Create a more flexible, effective workforce
Reduce overall labor costs
Improve retention and employee engagement

For healthcare professionals

Empower our users to take control of their careers
Provide a reliable, flexible way to earn more on their own terms
Advance our users’ careers through new opportunities