Who we are

We believe it’s possible to reduce costs in healthcare and at the same time improve the ability for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals to better care for patients.

We recognize the importance of flexibility for hospitals. Patient census and acuity change constantly; so should staff numbers. We also recognize that nursing shortages cause hospitals around the country to close beds and turn patients away every single day.

We learned from the past. The business model that is the basis of the staffing industry was created in the 70s. Traditional staffing agencies employed full-time staff and gave hospitals flexibility at the cost of their margin.
And we support the needs of professionals too. Living wages, a choice of schedule that matches their lifestyle: school, family, retirement, and a safe and fun work environment. Most CareRev professionals utilize our platform to seamlessly pick up extra work. These professionals work for themselves and hold their professionalism and standard of care to the highest regard.

In 2019, budgets are tight, nurses are scarce, and shifts aren’t being filled. It’s time for a change.

What we do

CareRev is the natural evolution of healthcare staffing.

With CareRev’s technology, many of the traditional manual staffing roles are now performed by smart software. Repetitive tasks such as scheduling, back-and-forth communication, and collecting and organizing documentation are automated. Humans intervene when it matters – during interviews, quality reviews, and customer and contractor support.  
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Our technology dismantles the barriers between
professionals and hospitals.

With a smartphone in their pockets, healthcare professionals can now easily fill last minute needs. CareRev’s AI matching technology ensures the right professional is matched with the right shift. Our platform ensures compliance and enables staffing offices and unit managers to communicate directly with professionals as needed.

Through transparent technology and communication facilities and professionals can now trust one another again. This trust leads to better work environments that facilitate safe and positive patient care. We are committed to delivering the highest quality nurses to provide the best care for your patients through our online platform as you seamlessly and transparently access your new float pool.
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We build our company based on the same values
we bring to our product.

CareRev was created to connect quality medical professionals with hospitals when patients need them the most. We’re real people who work hard every day to create more opportunities for healthcare workers. We are RN founded. We are focused on creating the best product and providing the highest quality service, best-in-class in the industry, with transparency, trust, autonomy, teamwork, and ownership at the center of everything we do.
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Leadership Team

William H. Patterson, Jr. RN, BSN
Mr. Patterson combined his unique personal experience with years on the ground as a nurse to envision CareRev. As its founder and CEO, Mr. Patterson drives the company’s vision, team, partnerships, and business development efforts. Mr. Patterson is an active member of ACHE. A native Floridian, raised in Georgia, Mr. Patterson is a Duke University alumnus. He enjoys spending time at the beach and in the mountains with his dog Kekoa.
Derrek Long
Mr. Long is a highly experienced software and technology executive with 16 years experience in industries spanning ticketing to dispatching. Skilled in all areas of the product development lifecycle including setting vision, specification, managing, building/coding, and testing. Expert at team building, team conflict resolution, and motivating teams.
Sofia Pessanha
Ms. Pessanha is a multi-skilled technology leader with a demonstrated history of working in Human Resources. Previous to CareRev, Ms. Pessanha co-founded Unbabel, a translation company harnessing the power of more than 50,000 translators working around the world. Skilled in Marketing, Management, Negotiation, Product, Sales, and Communication, Ms. Pessanha is a strong business development and people operations professional.
Julia O’Connor
Ms. O’Connor is an entrepreneur with deep finance, venture capital, corporate and product strategy, business models, business development, product management, financial modeling, accounting and organizational development experience.