November 14, 2023

5 Benefits for Nurses Choosing to Work on Thanksgiving

A doctor and two nurses sit on a bench during a break and enjoy a snack together.

Are you a nurse considering working on Thanksgiving? While it may sound challenging, there are some unique benefits to working during the holiday. Let's explore five perks of working on Thanksgiving as a nurse or healthcare worker.

1. Extra money

Working on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday may not always be your first choice, but it can lead to extra money in your pocket. Most hospitals pay extra for holiday shifts, so it’s a good idea to ask your manager about potential holiday pay. That extra earning potential may make your decision to work on Thanksgiving a bit easier.

2. Helping patients on a special day

Most patients expect to be spending Thanksgiving celebrating with their loved ones, not in the hospital. When you work as a nurse on this day, your role becomes even more essential. Your kindness and willingness to go the extra mile can bring comfort and happiness to patients, even on a holiday.

3. Avoiding family stress

For some nurses, working on Thanksgiving can be a break from family conflicts or stressful gatherings. Dealing with doctors and patients may seem like a more peaceful option than dealing with family dynamics or worrying about Thanksgiving dinner. Taking this break through work can actually refresh you and give you a new perspective when you return to your personal life.

4. Learning and growing

Working during holidays can be a unique learning experience for nurses. While shifts may be quieter, they also open the door to interesting and diverse cases, allowing you to expand your skills and knowledge significantly. This hands-on experience is invaluable for your professional development.

5. Strengthening team bonds

Working together on Thanksgiving fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among the team. This shared experience, of dedicating a holiday to caring for others, creates a special bond. During this time, it is important to support and understand each other. A close-knit team can communicate well, work together efficiently, and provide better service to people who need it.

Your work makes a difference

By working on Thanksgiving as a nurse, you show your commitment to patients and your dedication to your job. It's not just about the earning potential; it's about providing care to patients on a special day. It also helps your team become stronger and closer. Ultimately, your choice to work on holidays is a valuable contribution to the healthcare community.

Nurses, thank you for your dedication and for being a source of comfort and support for patients during the holiday season. And remember, if you ever need some support or tips for working on holidays, your fellow nurses are there to help!

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