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September 7, 2022

Be Counted Present This Back to School Season with CareRev

Professionals on the CareRev platform agree: being present is crucial in both their personal and work lives. The time to take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of nurses is here.

August is upon us, and with it comes back to school season. For many professionals on the CareRev platform, that means realigning their schedules so they can maintain flexibility and have the opportunity to make all the basketball games as well as their own classes.

Nurses take on back to school season

Professionals on the CareRev platform agree: being present is crucial in both their personal and work lives.

We recently had some fun with professionals on our platform and asked them about their back to school style. With the survey results in mind, we can say our survey definitely showed that professionals are juggling multiple priorities. Take a look at the responses professionals on the CareRev platform gave below:

CareRev poll results on back to school style

No matter what their first day of school style is, professionals on the CareRev platform recognize the value of creating a schedule that supports what they value most. Our app allows these working guardians to schedule shifts around important life moments, giving them the flexibility needed for a healthy work-life balance.

Gone are the days when they miss special moments. With the CareRev platform, they leave burnout behind, take time off when they need it, and enjoy a balance that allows them to bring the best version of themselves to every shift.

Claiming a flexible future with CareRev

CareRev is committed to empowering professionals to create the life they want with the flexibility to choose where and how often they work. By joining the CareRevolution, you can:

  • set your schedule at facilities of your choice with no contracts of long term commitments
  • build your nurse entrepreneurial brand
  • chart your financial future to meet your personal goals
  • work with patients and facilities within your local community
  • diversify your experiences in a variety of facilities and specialties
  • reset to support you in maintaining a fulfilling career

Whether you’re a nurse whose children are entering a new school year or a nurse who is continuing their own education, this time of year can feel disruptive. CareRev recognizes this and offers perks to professionals on our platform that help them care for themselves and their loved ones:

  • ‍Stride: budget-friendly health plan options
  • Ginger: 24/7/365 mental health resources (insert link to new Ginger blog)
  • ‍ exclusive discounts on trusted caregiving services
  • ‍DoorDash: free DashPass for on-demand delivery or pickup from restaurants and stores
  • ‍Lumify: access to discounts on professional resources and development

With 100,000 nurses leaving the profession in 2021 and as many as 1/3 of nurses currently contemplating leaving, facilities are facing a labor crunch. The time to take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of nurses is here. CareRev is ready to tackle that approach by providing professionals with a simple way to explore local opportunities, achieve professional and personal balance, and take command of their future.

Are you ready to join thousands of your colleagues across the country in the CareRevolution?

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