May 12, 2023

Nurse Founded, Nurse Supported, Nurse Trusted - CareRev is Nurse Strong

How one nurse saw a problem and turned it into an app that empowers healthcare professionals.

Nurse Founded

In honor of National Nurses Month, we want to share our story. 

CareRev was built by and for nurses. Will Patterson, CareRev founder and CEO, was working as a trauma ICU nurse in California when he recognized there was a flaw in the current approach to the healthcare workforce. Changing patient volumes and a lack of flexibility left facilities either overstaffed or short-handed. Oftentimes, the healthcare facilities Will worked in were overwhelmed. Too many patients and not enough nurses. Burnout amongst healthcare professionals became the norm – as it remains today. Will and his colleagues worked tirelessly to ensure that patients received proper care, but the nurses themselves needed more support. 

Fighting burnout and fatigue, Will decided it was time for a change. He began working for himself, as an independent nurse contractor for an ambulance company. In the back of an emergency vehicle, after stabilizing a patient battling a heart attack, Will finally felt the passion that he had been missing for so long. Working for himself and picking up shifts when it made sense provided him the freedom he was craving and allowed him to once again love the work that he was doing. He asked himself: How can every healthcare professional find this level of fulfillment in their career?

In 2015, Will started CareRev to keep healthcare local, and to enable nurses to do the work they love in the communities in which they live. He realized that the industry needed a healthcare workforce that was able to adapt to patients' needs quickly and efficiently. By engaging a pool of local qualified healthcare professionals, ready to step in at any moment, CareRev makes it possible for facilities to meet fluctuating patient demand and bolster the full-time staff. Partnering with healthcare systems and facilities across the U.S. (located in 15 states and counting!), CareRev is addressing clinician burnout and the ongoing nursing shortage by creating a resilient, on-demand workforce model that benefits healthcare facilities and professionals. 

At CareRev, we empower healthcare professionals to become their own entrepreneurs. We offer flexibility by enabling professionals to pick up the shifts that work best for their schedules, their families, and their passions. CareRev gives healthcare professionals a chance to do what’s right for them, so they can be their best selves for patients. 

If you are a healthcare professional working with CareRev, be sure to check out the CareRev referral program. You can earn up to $250 for every healthcare professional you refer. Visit the CareRev app to access your referral code and link. Healthcare professionals working with CareRev also gain access to a variety of perks including a free DashPass from DoorDash and an exclusive discount on all products in the Adni app. Take a look at our Perks for Healthcare Professionals webpage to see more offers from our premium partners.

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