April 27, 2022

Connecting the Modern Nurse to Professional Freedom

Nurses are reclaiming command of their careers. CareRev interview experts share how understanding what the modern nurse's workday looks like is critical to connecting them to professional freedom.

By Leah Grusczynski and Candace Jackson

Now more than ever, nurses are reclaiming command of their careers. They want more flexibility in scheduling, more professional freedom to work where they want, and more support to prevent burnout as they redefine themselves as nurse entrepreneurs.

CareRev connects them to those options. By listening to modern nurses and identifying real-time staffing needs of facilities, CareRev is creating a more engaged workforce. One of the most unique aspects of building those connections through our platform is the clinical interview experience. Our RN interview team is able to connect our professionals’ healthcare experience to the needs of our clients in focused and innovative ways. Our team members’ in-depth knowledge of what a real life workday looks like for those in healthcare means they connect the right people with the right roles. It also means they know which questions to ask to capture the full picture.

We understand professionals are more than their resumes.

Connecting candidates to opportunities for success

As interviewers, we get to connect with nurses and other clinical healthcare professionals as they paint a picture of their education, work histories, and overall clinical competency. Our experienced interview team provides these professionals with access to the CareRev platform, a part of our process that adds quality and value to onboarding and sets professionals up for success.  

CareRev nurse helps patient walk

Our minimum experience requirements further support that path to success. To be eligible for advancing in the clinical interview process:

  • RNs must have at least 1 year of experience within the past 12 months
  • CNAs must have at least 6 months of experience within the past 12 months
  • all candidates must hold any applicable licenses, certifications, diplomas related to their role
  • all candidates must hold state issued ID and be verified through a background check and drug screen

CareRev is Joint Commission-certified, and the professionals working on our platform are held to the highest standards.

We are excited to be part of the driving force in changing the nursing profession. For CareRev, that includes listening to reinforcing clinical candidates as they share their experiences so that we understand the ever-evolving needs and trends of the healthcare environment. We partner with other CareRev departments to further this understanding and modify our interview as needed, keeping us relevant to candidates who are looking for local opportunities to bring their best selves to every shift.

We also make sure to listen to our professionals in real time about what is happening within their facilities. Recently we had several professionals share that some of their floors were now accepting a different specialty for RNs. Working with our clinical team gave us the opportunity to follow up, change our guidelines, and increase our pool of professionals.

Understanding the CareRev interview experience

Our interview team understands that professionals’ lives are busy and that providing the flexibility to interview when is most convenient is crucial. To begin, CareRev candidates answer a few simple questions. They then have the choice to schedule an interview online or call an interviewer on our live line that is open Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm EST.  

Nurse preparing to interview with CareRev

Let’s look at what candidates come to our interview prepared to discuss:

  • specialty experience within the last year
  • last 3 years of work history information
  • license number
  • a readiness to respond to clinical questions relevant to their current specialty as well as any others they may have worked within the last year

During the interview, we strive to ensure our professionals understand we are listening to their needs and their career goals. We also provide information about the types of shifts available in their local region and what they can expect when they join CareRev. This includes questions such as:

  • Is there orientation at the facility?
  • Are preceptor shifts available? How are those scheduled?
  • Are float shifts required?
  • Generally, what's next?

Joining the CareRev team

Our interview team sets the stage for professionals to chart their own futures and create schedules that support their lifestyles. We’re proud that our platform provides transparency on shift rates and access to opportunities within professionals’ local communities.

Candidates swiftly move from interviewing to credentialing. Once they gather their credentials, CareRev experts can verify basic background and certifications. The sooner those credentials are provided, the sooner they can pick up shifts.

From there, candidates can easily find and book flexible shifts at 500+ hospitals and health systems across the United States straight from their smartphone with our mobile app.

CareRev nurse in a mask talking to a patient

If you’re ready to take command of your career, achieve work-life balance, and bring your best self to every shift, begin the interview process with our team today. As a CareRev professional, you can count on:

  • no minimum or maximum number of shifts required
  • payments twice a week through direct deposit.
  • referral bonuses for every healthcare professional you refer once they complete 2 shifts through our platform
  • perks from preferred partners such as Stride, Keeper, Care.com, DoorDash Dashpass, and Adni
Leah Grusczynski and Candace Jackson
Leah Grusczynski is CareRev's Interview Team Manager as well as a registered nurse with more than a decade of experience in a variety of healthcare settings . She is passionate about improving staffing to healthcare facilities. Candace Jackson, MBA, BSN, RN, is CareRev's Senior Operations Manager, Clinical Interviewing and was drawn to our mission to more effectively connect healthcare facilities to professionals and empower professionals in their careers.

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