September 13, 2022

Flexibility Gives Nurses Freedom for Life’s Biggest Milestones

Having a flexible schedule through the CareRev platform has helped this nurse prepare for the role of a lifetime.

Shantelle Cruz is a nurse and set to soon become a first-time mother.

Pregnancy and having a newborn are challenging enough. Trying to find a healthy work-life balance at the same time can feel overwhelming. If Shantelle worked for a traditional healthcare staffing agency, she’d likely feel it to be impossible.

But as a professional on the CareRev platform, she can take charge and carve out that balance, with a schedule that supports her new life milestones.

Shantelle recently shared with Team CareRev how having a flexible schedule has helped her prepare for the role of a lifetime:

Can you talk about how you are preparing to be a new working mother?

“By first making sure that myself and my baby are healthy and getting acquainted with a schedule that works for us. As this is my first child, it is important for me to get back to a normal physical state since working as a nurse means that you’re on your feet for many hours. I’m also looking at my options for childcare, which will determine how many days I am able to work.”

What have you encountered that makes balancing full-time work and motherhood a challenge?

“Having a newborn means that most of my time has to be dedicated to doing things for my daughter. It will be hard getting used to leaving her to go to work as well. This is all a learning lesson for myself and my husband, but we’re ready to work as a team.”

How important is schedule flexibility as a new mom?

“Schedule flexibility is the most important factor for me as a working new mom. Knowing that her doctor’s appointments and other important dates can be easily managed with the flexibility that the CareRev app allows gives me a piece of mind when it comes to picking up my work shifts.”

Nurse on the CareRev platform holding a newborn in the hospital

What differences have you noticed between working full-time, in travel nursing, and as a professional on the CareRev platform?

“The main difference that I've seen while using the CareRev app versus a staff or travel position is the amount of independence it offers with scheduling options and communication with the nursing team. With a traditional staff or travel assignment, we're limited to what our schedules can look like and how we can communicate with personnel about our concerns.”

Can you talk about CareRev’s impact on your work-life balance?

“CareRev has made a huge impact on my work-life balance since I have the option to work many days at a time and then take a few weeks off if needed. I’m able to maneuver my work schedule in any way to fit the needs of my personal life. Not many people are given that opportunity with their job, which makes me feel very fortunate.”

What other benefits have you experienced with using the CareRev app?

“CareRev has great benefits such as competitive rates and various location options. It also offers other great benefits including referral programs, bonuses, mental health resources, credentialing assistance, discounts and much more.”

What can you say to other working parents who are looking for ways to balance their work and family?

“I would recommend CareRev as an option to any working parent who is looking for more flexibility between work and family life. The compensation is great, the app is easy to use, and the schedule can be made to fit any lifestyle. The options are endless, and if there are any concerns, the CareRev team is always available to help with finding a solution.”

With her clear focus on the values of maintaining independence and a strong work-life balance, Shantelle has joined the ranks of thousands of nurses nationwide who champion more career flexibility.

CareRev prides itself on the ability to support working parents and healthcare professionals who are ready to take back control of their professional and personal lives.

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