January 25, 2022

Know Your Value: Grow Your Nursing Career in Supportive Facilities

Your skills as a healthcare professional are indispensable. Fostering employee engagement improves patient outcomes.

Nurses have been professionally impacted in the wake of COVID.

This is due to family caregiving responsibilities and health challenges, among other challenges. Many across the country are even leaving the profession.

Coupled with the fact that nursing schools are struggling to expand capacity, meet budget constraints and facing a lack of faculty, clinical sites, classroom space, and clinical preceptors, facilities are facing a limited pipeline to future nurses.

Supporting your needs as a nursing professional has never been more critical. When they support your needs, they create a more comfortable environment for you as well as grow opportunities for the future of your profession. That support begins with listening to your needs and then following up with compassionate engagement, policies and procedures.

Action tip: Engage in organizational cultures that communicate openly and encourage professional excellence. As a CareRev professional, cultivate your growth by gaining experience in diverse local facilities.

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