October 6, 2023

Considering Local Travel Nursing? You Have Options

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Looking for a nursing job that provides flexibility and the option to stay close to home? In the dynamic world of healthcare, nursing professionals are continually seeking flexible work options that align with their lifestyle and career goals. One such avenue gaining popularity is local travel nursing. If you're a registered nurse looking for a fulfilling career with flexibility, this guide will shed light on what local travel nursing is, alternatives to traditional travel nursing, how to find local travel nursing jobs, and the promising future of flexible nursing work.

Table of contents:

What is local travel nursing?

Local travel nursing combines the best of both worlds - the excitement of travel nursing and the stability of working close to home. Nurses opt for local travel assignments within their community or nearby areas, eliminating the need for long-distance relocation. It allows professionals to experience diverse work environments while staying local and maintaining a sense of familiarity, convenience, and community.

These assignments typically last for a few weeks to a few months, offering nurses the chance to explore various healthcare facilities, gain diverse experience, and build a strong professional network. It's an excellent choice for those who love the flexibility of travel nursing but prefer staying within their region.

Alternatives to traditional travel nursing

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, traditional travel nursing may see a decline in popularity. Factors such as advancements in telemedicine, a growing emphasis on remote work, and the rise of localized contract opportunities are reshaping the way nurses work.

The convenience and flexibility provided by local travel nursing and other alternative work arrangements are increasingly attractive to nurses. Nurses are now seeking ways to maintain a better work-life balance, gain diverse experiences without extensive travel, and stay rooted in their communities—all of which can be achieved through emerging flexible work options. Below are some of the most common flexible work options for nurses who want to work locally:

1. Per diem or PRN nursing:

Per diem nurses enjoy a high level of flexibility by choosing when and where they work. They can opt for single shifts or short-term contracts, making it an attractive option for those seeking control over their schedules. Learn more about per diem nursing and PRN nursing in our blogs.

2. Telecommuting nursing:

With advancements in technology, telecommuting nursing has become a viable option. Nurses can provide consultation and assistance to patients from the comfort of their homes, promoting a better work-life balance.

3. Local contract nursing:

Local contract nursing involves fixed-term assignments at nearby healthcare facilities. It allows nurses to experience various work settings without the need for extensive travel.

How to find local travel nursing jobs

1. Online job portals

Utilize specialized nursing job portals and websites that cater to local travel assignments. Create profiles, upload your resume, and start applying to positions that match your preferences.

2. Healthcare staffing agencies

Connect with reputable travel nurse agencies that specialize in nursing placements. They often have a wide network of healthcare facilities seeking professionals for local travel nurse assignments.

3. Networking

Leverage professional networks, attend nursing events, and engage with fellow professionals. Word-of-mouth recommendations and networking can often lead to promising local travel nursing opportunities.

4. Apps for nurses, like CareRev:

Apps like CareRev offer nurses a convenient way to sign up to work for healthcare systems across the United States. Local nurses can find shifts in their specialty and choose when they want to work. CareRev offers local shifts for nurses and a range of healthcare professions, including:

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The future of flexible nursing work

The healthcare landscape is evolving, and so is the way nurses work. The future promises even more flexible options, with advancements like virtual reality training, remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine opening new doors. Nurses will likely have the opportunity to tailor their work according to their preferences, contributing to a healthier work-life balance and enhanced job satisfaction.

By embracing these options, nurses can embark on a fulfilling career that aligns seamlessly with their personal and professional aspirations. Stay informed, stay empowered, and make the choices that enrich your nursing career. 

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