August 11, 2022

Mental Health Matters: How Ginger Gives Hope to Professionals on the CareRev Platform

As a healthcare professional claiming shifts on the CareRev app, you can count on quick, easy access to mental healthcare needs through the Ginger app.

When you take command of your career, you also gain access to new perks. As part of the CareRevolution, you gain exclusive access to holistic support for your whole life, not just your career.

Thanks to our partnership with Ginger, you can find highly trained support for your mental healthcare needs 24/7/365. When you work at least one shift within a quarter, you become eligible to access Ginger for the next quarter.

Ginger app 101

Simply put, you have on-demand access to mental and emotional support anytime, anywhere with the Ginger app. From text-based chats to private video sessions, Ginger goes where your smartphone goes.

The app is convenient, discreet, and secure. Whether you’re up late or taking a break during your shift, you can count on Ginger to be ready in real time:

  • Coaching: Use the Ginger Emotional Support app to text and get on-demand, confidential mental healthcare. Connect with a trained behavioral health coach within seconds for the personalized care you need.
  • Self-care library: Take advantage of your access to 200 resources such as self-guided activities, videos, podcasts, classes, and more to help you practice well-being techniques and develop life skills, all from the privacy of your smartphone.
  • Video-based therapy and psychiatry: Meet with licensed therapists and psychiatrists who understand that ​​mental healthcare needs come in all shapes and sizes. They are ready to work with you on any challenge such as anxiety, depression, and stress. They can help you address challenges from your past and prescribe medication if needed. Costs for prescribed medications are at the expense of professionals and will vary based on their insurance.

How the Ginger app can benefit your mental health

Ginger coaches have an extensive educational background in psychology, so you can be sure that a qualified professional is handling your care. Coaches can help you manage challenges from personal relationships to sleep to communication, ensuring that everyone - no matter the mental health concern -  has access to the support they need.

  • Schedule a video chat on the weekend
  • Access self-care resources on your break
  • Get quick text support at 3am on a holiday

As a healthcare professional claiming shifts on the CareRev app, you can count on quick, easy access to any of those needs through the Ginger app. Ginger’s approach differs from traditional therapy: its mental health experts focus on your challenges and your goals and collaborate with you to determine your path and support you as you begin taking steps down that path.

You can also extend your Ginger access to your dependents aged 18 and older at no cost.

There is a popular mantra among healthcare professionals: “You can’t take care of others if you’re not taking care of yourself.” Ginger and CareRev understand that includes mental health. With 24/7/265 access to mental healthcare, you can improve both your personal and your professional lives, giving you a fulfilling balance and empowering you to take better care of your patients and your family.

Check out this video to learn how Ginger works.

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