May 9, 2022

National Nurses Week 2022: Celebrating Compassion & Opportunities

During National Nurses Week, nurses continue to redefine flexibility. We celebrate them this week and every week as the heart of healthcare.

Nurses, we celebrate you each and every day here at CareRev.

Your profession is one of compassion and commitment. You are masterful communicators and fierce health advocates. Whether you lead from the bedside, the boardroom, or somewhere in between, you pioneer change for your patients and your profession during every shift. Your expertise improves lives across the world. For those things - and so much more - we thank you. We are excited to celebrate Nurse's Week 2022 with you!

Within the past year, CareRev is proud to have partnered with close to 4,000 nurses as they claimed command of their careers and embraced nurse entrepreneurship. Those nurses have filled close to 95,000 shifts within their local communities in over 300 different healthcare facilities. They are redefining what flexibility means for all healthcare professionals and building connections by keeping caregiving within their communities.

During this year’s National Nurses Week, we celebrate all nurses as the heart of healthcare. Count on CareRev to connect you with local, flexible opportunities and professional freedom as you chart your career.

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