September 12, 2022

Reclaim Your Nursing Career with This Expert Advice

This Nursing Professional Development Week, stay at the top of your game by leveraging this advice from your colleagues.

In any career, tackling your responsibilities effectively is essential. For nursing - a career voted the most trusted profession for 20 years and one that prevails as the backbone of healthcare - this is an understatement.

The work of nursing is rooted in compassion and care; it is often mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding, but it is also driven by a deep sense of purpose. As nurses, you are instrumental to patients’ lives.

For Nursing Professional Development Week, CareRev celebrates your purpose and how your professional development enhances healthcare outcomes. Recently, we asked our CareRev Nurse Squad to share the top tips they’ve received on their professional development and how it’s made a difference in their work. Here’s what they had to say:

Nurse on CareRev platform caring for patient at bedside

“Truly understanding that we are in different places than our patients. That they won’t think or understand how we do. That they may truly not care because of the life they live and what else they have going on, and we can’t change that. We can try; we can’t expect a tree to grow if we don’t plant a seed.”

- Cody E. St Louis, MO — CVICU RN, ICU RN, MICU RN

“It's all about perspective. It could always be worse. Try to take it one step at a time. Just keep moving.”

- Crystal N., Greater Milwaukee Area — Med/Surg RN

Planting those seeds with compassion and pushing forward can feel difficult - and sometimes even impossible. This is especially true when you’re feeling overwhelmed and facing burnout from your workload. Research shows that when nurses can work more autonomously they:

  • can contribute more to positive patient experiences
  • tend to be more satisfied in the profession

Other CareRev Nurse Squad members shared top tips they received focused on the importance of doing something new within the profession:

“Be open-minded, ready to learn, ready to work. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and always give yourself grace!”

- Martine C., Greater Miami / Broward / Palm Beach — Med/Surg RN, Tele RN

“Never be afraid to try new things, go new places, and meet new people.”

-Julie D., Greater Ventura and Santa Barbara Area — OP PACU RN, OP Pre Op RN

Lastly, one of our CareRev Nurse Squad members emphasized the importance of organization on professional development:

“Keep all your documents/certifications in a file on your phone/computer clearly labeled for easy submissions. Plan out your tasks for your shift with the most time consuming done at the beginning of your shift.”

- Asia R., Dallas-Fort Worth — ER RN, IP Pre Op RN, OP Pre Op RN

CareRev makes incorporating these professional development tips incredibly simple. With our app, you can:

  • book shifts when you want, helping you find work-life balance and recharge as needed so you can practice with compassion
  • book shifts where you want, allowing you to experiment with new facilities and with new teams
  • upload your credentials, streamlining your onboarding experience with facilities

This Nursing Professional Development Week, stay at the top of your game by leveraging professional development opportunities and command your career path.

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