May 3, 2023

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Partners with CareRev to Support Long-term Workforce Strategy

CareRev’s technology platform provides St. Elizabeth Healthcare access to untapped, qualified local healthcare workforce to support full-time staff

Announcement: New facility partnership between CareRev and St. Elizabeth Healthcare

EDGEWOOD, Ky., (May 3, 2023) – St. Elizabeth Healthcare, a Magnet-designated hospital in northern Kentucky, today announced a partnership with CareRev, a leading technology platform that connects healthcare facilities with qualified local professionals. CareRev’s scalable technology will allow St. Elizabeth Healthcare to enhance their existing staffing model with a network of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and techs that can be activated on-demand to meet the ebb and flow of patient demand. 

“CareRev’s platform gives our staffing managers the proper tools to efficiently fill open shifts at a moment's notice,” said [St. Elizabeth Healthcare spokesperson]. “With CareRev, we can leverage the talent within our own community and welcome qualified healthcare professionals to our team when extra support is needed. Through this partnership, we are creating a resilient healthcare workforce for the long-term, underpinning St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s commitment to support our full-time staff and the patients they serve.”

St. Elizabeth Healthcare will be launching CareRev’s workforce solution at its Edgewood site, one of its six facilities located throughout Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kentucky healthcare facilities continue to face staffing shortages. According to the Kentucky Hospital Association’s 2022 Workforce Survey Report, Kentucky hospitals need to fill more than 13,400 full-time vacancies, the majority of which are registered nurse and licensed practical nurse positions.

CareRev’s technology eliminates manual processes for staffing managers, allowing them to centrally manage their staffing needs and post available shifts, build relationships with professionals in the area, and simplify processes for onboarding and tracking credentials. Qualified local professionals can use the CareRev app to browse opportunities in their area, supplementing their existing schedules or establishing flexibility depending on their needs. 

“We are thrilled to partner with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, an innovative leader within the healthcare industry and one of the largest hospitals in the Cincinnati region,” said Will Patterson, former registered nurse, and founder and CEO of CareRev. “St. Elizabeth Healthcare is taking steps to modernize its processes by providing its core full-time staff with technology that optimizes workforce management. Together, we are building a reliable and adaptable healthcare workforce that is made by and for the local community.” 

About St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Elizabeth Healthcare operates six facilities and more than 172 primary care and specialty practices throughout the Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Greater Cincinnati region. Sponsored by the Diocese of Covington, St. Elizabeth is a mission-based organization committed to improving the health of the communities it serves, providing more than $108 million in uncompensated care and benefit to the community each year.

About CareRev

CareRev is a technology platform empowering healthcare professionals to take control of their careers. CareRev provides a direct line between healthcare facilities and local clinical talent, cutting out the middleman and enabling professionals to work where and when they want. Together, we’re building the local, resilient, flexible healthcare workforce of the future. CareRev serves over 32 major metropolitan areas nationwide at over 70 hospitals and health systems, and over 540 outpatient centers and skilled nursing facilities. More than 22,000 clinical professionals (and growing!) are included in CareRev’s network. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

CareRev Contact:

Lily Peskin

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Contact: 

Guy Karrick

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