April 4, 2023

Taking Advantage of Your Perks: How to Use Keeper

Tackle tax season with a Keeper discount

Keeper tax and CareRev partnership for healthcare professionals.

Spring has arrived, and another annual milestone is almost here -- tax day. Are you ready? Here at CareRev, we are proud to offer our healthcare professionals an exclusive 60% discount1 to Keeper’s smart tax platform, which makes filing your taxes simple, saving you time and money. 

Tax season sneaks up on us all, but through Keeper’s platform you can file your taxes in minutes. To get ahead of the April 18th deadline, start by making your personal profile on Keeper’s app or at https://www.keepertax.com/partner/carerev. After answering a few quick questions about your work and linking your financial resources, you will have successfully completed your profile! Now, you are ready to upload your tax paperwork. 

If you earned $600+ through CareRev in 2022, you can find your 1099 form in the CareRev app, under your profile's "Financial information" section. After collecting and uploading your documentation – 1099s, W-2s, and all other tax forms from additional income, including investments – Keeper will handle the rest!2

Screenshots showing where to find 1099 info on the CareRev app.

Keeper’s product is specially designed for healthcare professionals and individuals with 1099 contracting and freelance income. Keeper’s smart tax software ensures that users can catch easy-to-miss tax write-offs that often slip through the cracks. In just 45 seconds, Keeper completes a comprehensive scan of all documents and your transaction history to identify tax deductible business expenses. These deductions are then automatically included in your filing. On average, Keeper helps people save $1,249 per year! 

Behind Keeper’s technology are trusted tax professionals who will review all of your documents before they are sent to the IRS. Let’s face it, we aren't all tax experts. While you are out saving lives as a healthcare professional, let Keeper take on those dreaded taxes! 

For more tips and tricks, check out Keeper’s website and YouTube channel. Explore more exclusive offers and healthcare professional perks from CareRev’s premium partners.

1 Terms and conditions may apply. Offer subject to change.

2 CareRev cannot advise you on financial or tax matters. Consult your tax advisor for any and all questions.