December 14, 2023

The Top New Year's Resolutions for Nurses in 2024

A nurse in a pink sweater sits and writes her new year’s resolutions for 2024.

We asked nurses using the CareRev Marketplace about their New Year’s resolutions for 2024. What did we learn?

As we usher in 2024, nurses are setting their sights on resolutions that revolve around achieving a more harmonious work-life balance. The demands of the healthcare profession can be both physically and emotionally taxing, making it crucial for nurses to prioritize their well-being. This year, we explore six resolutions tailored to help nurses reclaim time for themselves, foster personal growth, and find equilibrium between their professional and personal lives.

1. Work less

In the pursuit of work-life balance, many nurses are vowing to work less in 2024. Recognizing the importance of downtime, nurses are making a conscious effort to reduce overtime hours and prioritize self-care. Striking a balance between professional commitments and personal time is essential for mental and physical well-being.

How CareRev can help: CareRev provides a platform for nurses to choose when and where they work. With the flexibility to pick up shifts that suit their schedules, nurses can regain control over their work hours, making it easier to fulfill this resolution.

2. Travel more

Nurses, known for their adventurous spirits, are resolving to travel more in the coming year. Whether it's a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, exploring new destinations can be a rejuvenating experience. Traveling allows nurses to unwind, gain new perspectives, and create lasting memories.

How CareRev can help: With CareRev, nurses can plan their work around their travel aspirations. By selecting shifts that align with their vacation plans, nurses can enjoy the best of both worlds—fulfilling their professional responsibilities while indulging their passion for travel.

3. Dial in fitness and nutrition

Prioritizing personal health is a common resolution among nurses. This involves not only physical fitness but also adopting a wholesome approach to nutrition. Nurses are committing to regular exercise routines and mindful eating to boost their overall well-being.

How CareRev can help: By offering flexible work schedules, CareRev empowers nurses to allocate time for fitness activities and prepare healthy meals. With the freedom to create a customized work calendar, nurses can integrate wellness into their daily routines.

4. Buy a home

For nurses dreaming of homeownership, 2024 is the year to turn that dream into a reality. Owning a home provides a sense of stability and accomplishment. Nurses are setting financial goals, creating budgets, and exploring options to make homeownership a tangible achievement.

How CareRev can help: CareRev's flexible work opportunities enable nurses to maximize their earning potential. By taking control of their work schedules, nurses can strategically plan and save toward the goal of buying their own home.

5. Get more done around the house

In the quest for work-life balance, nurses are pledging to tackle household tasks more efficiently. Whether it's organizing, decluttering, or completing home improvement projects, the aim is to create a serene living environment that promotes relaxation.

How CareRev can help: With the flexibility provided by CareRev, nurses can allocate specific blocks of time to address household responsibilities without compromising their professional commitments. This enables a more seamless integration of work and personal life.

6. Grow my family

Nurses with aspirations of expanding their families are prioritizing this goal in 2024. Whether through biological means, adoption, or fostering, the focus is on creating a supportive and nurturing home environment.

How CareRev can help: CareRev's flexible scheduling empowers nurses to plan for family growth without sacrificing their careers. The ability to control when and where they work provides the necessary freedom to navigate the demands of family planning.

Looking forward to 2024

Nurses are embracing the New Year with a fervent desire for a more balanced and fulfilling life. CareRev serves as a valuable ally in helping nurses achieve their resolutions by offering a platform that prioritizes flexibility, empowering them to take charge of their schedules and achieve a harmonious work-life balance in 2024. 

Cheers to a year of growth, well-being, and the realization of personal and professional aspirations!

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