April 30, 2024

What It’s Like Working as a Nurse Through CareRev’s Platform

Lauren, a nurse who works through the CareRev nursing app, looks at the camera to give an interview at Nebraska Medicine.

Hear from Lauren Jankovits, a nurse working at Nebraska Medicine, a facility that partners with CareRev to offer nurses and other patient care staff a flexible scheduling option that fits their lives. 

We met up with Lauren at Nebraska Med to learn why she chose to work through CareRev’s platform. Check out the video below to hear her experience.

Working through CareRev’s platform: Lauren’s key takeaways

Lauren highlights a number of reasons she chooses to work through CareRev’s platform. Here are a few of her main takeaways:

Flexibility & personalized work schedule

In the video, Lauren highlights the flexibility of working with CareRev's platform, enabling nurses to choose their schedules and pick up shifts according to their outside life commitments. This flexibility helps prevent burnout and gives nurses a sense of control over their schedules.

While nurses can choose to work as much as they want, Lauren mentions she works 3-4 shifts per week, selecting shifts based on her preferences. She opts for mostly weekdays, with occasional half shifts on weekends, aligning her work schedule with her personal preferences. This personalized approach contributes to her overall satisfaction with the platform and its flexibility.

Ease of use 

She emphasizes the simplicity of signing up for shifts through the app, describing it as easy as "the click of a button." This user-friendly interface contributes to the platform's appeal to nurses.

Skill maintenance

For nurses who have transitioned from bedside care to clinic jobs but still want to keep their skills sharp, Lauren mentions that CareRev offers an opportunity to work in a hospital environment and earn extra income while doing so.

Variety of work settings

With CareRev, nurses can choose shifts across facilities and units. Lauren finds value in floating to different units, seeing it as an opportunity to gain more experience and enhance her skills. She also appreciates the ability to work at different hospital campuses and the option to choose which unit to work in. This variety helps prevent burnout and ensures exposure to different patient populations and care environments.

Keeping things fresh

Lauren notes the advantage of starting each shift with a new group of patients, which can help reset and alleviate the effects of a challenging previous shift. This aspect adds to the appeal of working with CareRev by providing nurses with regular opportunities for a fresh start.

Is CareRev right for you?

Lauren's experience is a great example of how nurses can effectively manage their work-life balance while pursuing their career goals using CareRev’s platform. If you’re a nurse looking for more flexibility and control over your work schedule, CareRev might be the right fit for you. 

For nurses considering joining CareRev, the first step is applying on CareRev’s website

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