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Rethink your workforce strategy with CareRev's cost-effective-tech-enabled solutions

Effectively managing labor costs while ensuring optimal staffing levels is a constant tightrope walk. You have to demonstrate a commitment to patient well-being while safeguarding the bottom line.

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Technology to unlock the "hidden workforce"

Our technology enables a holistic, flexible workforce model to drive down costs with predictive analytics and AI shift management.

The first of its kind, we use AI, predictive analytics, and our own experience working with on-demand professionals to bring you a complete, intuitive solution. Built to solve your most complex staffing challenges.
  • AI-driven, predictive analytics: Drive down incentives and hourly costs using market demand and past performance for hourly shift rate management and other insights.
  • Time-saving integrations: What’s your tech stack? With more integrations, we can align efficiently and save time.
  • One-click credential view: Our platform gives you 24/7 access to staff credentials and per-diem professionals and automatically manages expirations, reducing manual work.
  • Easy to use app: Engage with professionals in the app. No more chasing down texts.
  • Ready and proven: We've been doing this since 2015 and have successfully tested and implemented at acute facilities across the country.

Engaged and ready professionals on-demand

Our technology gives access to previously unavailable professionals who are ready to work on-demand and return to maintain their bedside skills when it aligns with their work/life balance.
Nurses want flexible hours and shifts, and the freedom to float across units, acuity levels, and settings. Our flexible workforce solutions ensure an equitable distribution of shifts, rejuvenating the nursing workforce and enhancing patient satisfaction.

79% of healthcare professionals on CareRev’s platform have 5 or more years of experience in healthcare.

86% have a bachelor's degree, 7% have a Master's degree.

Multiple Daisy Nominations.

Over 10% are hired full-time by facilities.

Built for flexible workforce strategies

cut in labor costs
reduced their average spend per shift
filled shifts faster

Proven implementation

Our highly qualified and experienced clinical team gets you up and running faster than our competitors and your internal resources.

We know our platform inside and out, based on customer feedback and years of experience. No outsourcing.

Our experience in credentialing and recruiting provides professionals at the top of their license with no hiring fees.

Are you ready for a flexible workforce? We can help you get started.

Nurse well-being is patient well-being

The nursing shortage is a nursing crisis. At the same time, there’s a qualified workforce looking for a modern, flexible approach that’s been overlooked. This is the opportunity to improve wellness for all labor resources.

CareRev’s technology-enabled solutions unleash this hidden workforce to circumvent high turnover and increase retention rates.
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Carerev Flexwork

The right professional, at the right time, every time

CareRev FlexWork is a modern, flexible workforce solution driven specifically designed to unlock the hidden workforce.
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CareRev marketplace

Connect to professionals ready to work

CareRev Marketplace drives down on-demand labor costs with predictive analytics and AI shift management.
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CareRev's flexible workforce solutions have filled over 477,000 shifts across 770 facilities nationwide.

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