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Flexible nursing jobs in Nebraska

On-demand per diem nursing jobs - no contracts required.

Find and schedule nursing shifts in Nebraska from your phone with the CareRev mobile app. Work when and where you want. Enjoy flexibility, so you never miss another birthday, holiday, or special day.

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Check out rates, facilities, and shift times in-app. Quickly and easily book the shifts you want with a tap of a button.


Work when, where, and how often you want. Have a vacation planned or want time to spend with family? You have complete control of your schedule.

Financial Freedom

CareRev professionals get paid 2x a week, plus referral and other bonus opportunities.


Want to work at different facilities throughout the week? No problem. You're not locked into a contract.

Working in Nebraska

Nursing jobs in Nebraska offer a fulfilling and rewarding career path. As a nurse in Nebraska, you will find a diverse range of opportunities, from urban hospitals to rural clinics. Nurses in Nebraska enjoy a strong sense of community and collaboration among healthcare professionals. The state's nursing workforce is known for their dedication and compassion, providing high-quality care to patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Nebraska also offers a relatively low cost of living and various nursing scholarship options, making it an attractive destination for healthcare professionals seeking a balanced work-life environment. With a variety of healthcare facilities, excellent educational resources, and a supportive nursing community, working as a nurse in Nebraska can be a fulfilling and enriching experience. Picking up per diem nursing jobs in Nebraska has never been easier -- just apply and download the CareRev app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CareRev offers shifts at facilities near Bellevue and Omaha, Nebraska.

Shift availability in these areas is subject to change according to facility needs.

Per diem nursing jobs, also known as "PRN" nursing jobs, are different from full-time salaried nursing and part-time contract nursing in several ways. For one, per diem nurses are generally paid a higher hourly rate than full-time or part-time nurses. Per diem nurses are also able to choose what jobs they accept, creating more flexibility than full-time or contract positions where hours and schedules are set. Unlike full-time nurses, per diem workers work as independent contractors, meaning they are responsible for estimating their own taxes and do not receive benefits like health insurance.

Requirements to work through the CareRev App in Nebraska vary based on profession, specialty, and facility. All professionals will need the proper licensing and certification required by the state of Nebraska to practice in their specialty. Find a shift to learn about specific requirements by shift.