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CareRev is ready to support healthcare facilities through volatile staffing demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our flexible talent pool includes relevant specialties such as ER and ICU RNs, Respiratory Therapists, and CNAs. If you need staffing help and want to join our marketplace, please call (415) 223-9964. 

Our people

These are the team members behind connecting healthcare facilities and professionals in the name of care.

Our leaders

Their (insert number) combined years of experience in the fields of trauma nursing, marketing, finance, revenue, operations, and executive leadership support our 100% remote team and improve how healthcare professionals work and live.

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Will Patterson

Team member photo

Derrek Long

Team member photo

Amanda Duke

Team member photo

Alex Yaggy

VP, Finance
Team member photo

Filiz Genca

VP, Product & Operations
Team member photo

Carly Kopec

Sr. Director of Operations
Team member photo

Suzanne Griffin

Sr. Director of People Operations
Team member photo

Faye Espiritu

Sr. Director of Marketing
Team member photo

Garrett Lauringson

Director of Product

Pets of CareRev

They inspire us, they keep us on our toes with time management (consistent meals and play times don’t schedule themselves, and they remind us to prioritize mental well-being.

Our pets are our family members, and we love to share stories about their adventures.

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