Watch the webinar: How AI can help your facility control labor costs in real-time

Learn how to cut labor costs while still meeting staffing needs, eliminate guesswork and manual adjustments, and fill shifts faster
A healthcare professional holds a tablet.
Staffing is a tricky balancing act even for the best-equipped healthcare facilities, and it's only going to get more challenging as costs rise and labor shortages persist. But technology is rapidly evolving, too, giving leaders an opportunity to bring new solutions to an age-old problem.

In the healthcare industry, cost management is key to maintaining profitability and providing quality care. This live webinar will detail how AI can be used to optimize staffing decisions, gain real-time control over labor costs and improve the bottom line without sacrificing quality.

You'll learn how AI can:

  • Cut labor costs while still meeting staffing needs
  • Eliminate guesswork and manual adjustments that waste resources
  • Automatically and accurately fill shifts faster, in real time

Featured presenters:

  • Steve Thompson - Head of Product, CareRev
  • Elaine Zemel - Business Analytics to Nursing Administration, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

Watch the full webinar below.

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