Sterile Processing Tech shifts in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL
Sterile Processing Tech
Facility Type:
Acute Care
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Per Diem / PRN / Independent Contractor

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Shift description

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  • Must have completed a state-approved Sterile Processing certification.
  • Minimum of 1 year full-time experience as a sterile processing technician within the last year.
  • Collects used/contaminated equipment and instruments from designated areas and processes equipment for decontamination and sterilization.
  • Inspects all equipment and instrumentation for cleanliness and condition. Responsible for removing defective items from in-use trays and providing replacement instruments.
  • Assembles and/or restocks all sterile trays/instruments and verifies they have been properly wrapped and labeled prior to sterilization.
  • Operates sterilizers, washers and other processing equipment in accordance with department policy, maintaining accurate and detailed sterilization records.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of medical and product terminology as well as the location of trays, instruments, supplies and equipment to expedite service to surgical staff.
  • Must have knowledge of universal precautions, sterile protocol, and infection control policies.
  • Must abide by all policies and procedures as per facility guidelines, and follow all surgical/sterile area rules and regulations.


  • Book shifts when you want, where you want - instantly from the CareRev app on your phone
  • Create your own schedule without shift or long-term requirements
  • Build a sustainable, independent career within your own community
  • Payouts 2x per week via direct deposit
  • Access to exclusive perks

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What is per diem nursing?

Per diem nursing offers multiple benefits for healthcare professionals who are looking for a flexible and rewarding career. One of the primary advantages of per diem nursing is the ability to work a flexible schedule. Per diem nurses can choose to work as much or as little as they want, depending on their availability. This can be particularly helpful for healthcare professionals who may have other commitments, such as family or school, and need a more flexible work schedule. Per diem nursing jobs can offer a wide range of experience and skills development. Per diem nurses often work in a variety of healthcare settings and nursing specialties, providing exposure to various patient populations and medical conditions. Additionally, per diem nurses are often paid at a higher hourly rate than full-time nurses. Finally, per diem nursing provides an opportunity for nurses to explore different specialties, network with other healthcare professionals, and take on new challenges.
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