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Meet Smart Rates. Your new best friend.

Manual adjustments are rigid, potentially wasting resources. Smart Rates dynamically adjust to demand in real time, maximizing your resources for better ROI.

Automated insights driven by Artificial Intelligence

CareRev's Smart Rates uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to recommend hourly shift rates based on market demand and past performance. This empowers your healthcare facility to control labor costs while meeting healthcare staffing demands.

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Eliminate the guesswork and meet staffing demands

Increase efficiency by reducing the manual labor required to manage and adjust shift rates

Customize outcomes with AI algorithms to maximize your staffing strategy

Reach cost-effective coverage under budget

Automatically and accurately set per diem shift rates based on market fluctuations

Optimize budget allocation to achieve the desired fill rate

Attract untapped talent with competitive rates

Strengthen your workforce with flexible per diem nurses & healthcare workers

Recruit top local talent with the most competitive rates.

The Smart Guide to Smart Rates


Smart Rates uses your health system’s trending economic and performance data, along with wider market data.

Its AI algorithm adjusts wages automatically, empowering you to set your budget spend by specifying the minimum and maximum rates for each specialty.

Shift rates are lowered when fill rates are predicted to be high, and raised when they are predicted to be low.

Smart Rates automatically transfers wages from fillable shifts to less desired shifts without modifying your allotted funds.

*The shift rate is an example for the images represented on this page. Rates will vary based on the market and facility.


tailored to your workflow

Smart Rates

Get real-time rate recommendations

Shifts can be optimized daily

Staff can optimize shifts as they create them

Smart Rates

Fully automated rate management

Total efficiency and optimization

Customizable outcomes

Manually adjustable