CareRev is ready to support healthcare facilities through volatile staffing demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our flexible talent pool includes relevant specialties such as ER and ICU RNs, Respiratory Therapists, and CNAs. If you need staffing help and want to join our marketplace, please call (415) 223-9964. 

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Hospitals & Health Systems

A local float pool powered by technology.

Create a more flexible, resilient workforce for the future of your health system.

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How hospitals and
health systems use CareRev

Tap into a local talent pool.

Unlock the latent supply of healthcare professionals in your area who want to work, but need a more flexible option.

Build resilience for the future.

With a workforce that ebbs and flows with patient demand, your organization is prepared for anything.

Reduce labor costs.

By relying more on your local CareRev professionals, you can spend less on travel contracts and overtime expenses.

We build technology that scales business.

With the help of our SaaS solution, you can onboard hundreds of local professionals more efficiently than ever. The faster they get through credentialing and orientation, the faster they can get to patients who need them.

  • Post shifts from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Communicate directly with professionals and view their credentials anytime.
  • Engage your internal float pool and CareRev professionals in one place.
  • Easily schedule precepting for those new to your facility.
  • Request Local Assignment shifts when you need more consistency.
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Designed to improve the ROI of your internal float pool, Cascade offers the same marketplace experience for your own employees.

What makes us different?

Unfilled shifts are automatically broadcasted to your local CareRev talent pool, which ensures you’re staffed at the optimal level and engaging external resources only when needed.


Quality and quantity

Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure our professionals possess the competencies, critical thinking skills, and professionalism to provide the highest quality of care.

CareRev is certified by
The Joint Commission
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What our customers are saying

“Because CareRev has helped us streamline onboarding and get healthcare professionals in the door faster, we now feel confident about reducing our reliance on long-term external staffing contracts and instead leveraging our local community of professionals.”

Grady Brimley
VP Health Transformation, SSM Health

“CareRev is transforming our workforce by giving us a cost effective and flexible staffing option that allows us to efficiently address fluctuating patient volumes. We can more fully optimize our internal clinical staff while utilizing what is, in effect, our own qualified local per diem pool as needed.”

Eric Humphrey
SVP HR/CHRO, Froedtert Health

Frequently asked questions

Are you an agency?

No, we are a technology company that gives you the tools to tap into a local pool of experienced, fully vetted healthcare professionals. And we do it in a way that’s easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to fit into your existing staffing model. No agency necessary.

What about the quality of your healthcare professionals?

We know your success depends on the performance of our healthcare professionals. That’s why we go through several steps to ensure you receive only high-quality talent, including:

  • A multi-specialty-trained RN - not a recruiter - conducting the initial interview.
  • A background check that includes National criminal records, sex offender review, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), and previous employment verification.
  • Immunity records and certifications to make sure candidates have up-to-date TB, MMR, TDAP, Hepatitis B, Flu, and Varicella vaccines. ACLS, BLS, CNOR, CCRN certifications are also verified if applicable.
  • An in-depth onboarding process that includes orientation to the CareRev app, a self-assessment, and a skills checklist - the results of which end up on the professional’s profile for you to access and review.
  • When needed, the ability to sign up for preceptor shifts and EMR classes and/or an orientation session with facility staff.
What are your rates?

To ensure shifts at your facility are filled, our rates are dynamic and vary by region, competition in the area, specialty, and need.

We’re having a hard time recruiting. What are you doing that we’re not?

We offer healthcare professionals a different way to work. CareRev professionals are empowered to work where and when they want, which is a key differentiator for the rapidly changing workforce in healthcare.

But full-time roles are not going away. In fact, over 60% of our professionals are picking up CareRev shifts as a way to supplement their PT or FT job at another facility. By joining the CareRev partner network, you get access to this once-latent supply of professionals who are eager to work at your facility, but need a more flexible option.

How are you different from an agency?

We don’t call you with a list of candidates or ask you to fax paperwork. We also don’t contact professionals in the middle of the night to pick up a shift. We enable you and healthcare professionals to connect directly through our marketplace platform.

Do you follow the same industry standards as agencies?

Yes, and more. Here are a few ways that we stay compliant and, in some cases, go beyond the industry requirements:

  • Our vetting process and business operations are Joint Commission certified.
  • All CareRev professionals undergo background checks, license verifications, and are interviewed by multi-specialty-RNs, not recruiters.
  • We have a growing, internal Clinical Operations team that works closely with our Support and Onboarding teams to ensure patient safety and empathy are integrated into our processes.
How do you recruit your professionals? 

CareRev advertises local, flexible opportunities on our website, social media pages, Google, app stores, and the top online job boards, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, NurseRecruiter, and We also maintain a strong following on Instagram and Facebook as a way to build community.

But our most effective recruitment method is in-app referrals. Through our mobile app, CareRev pros can easily share a referral code with their friends. When their friend signs up using their referral code, they receive a bonus.

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