March 28, 2022

5 Tips to Consider When Booking Hospital Shifts

You've onboarded with CareRev and are now ready to book shifts. Here's how to determine if a facility is a good fit for you your lifestyle.

Congratulations! You’ve just verified your credentials with CareRev after completing and passing your interview, and now you’re ready to use our app to search for open shifts. You know that the CareRev mobile app will help you take control of your schedule and your financial future, empowering you to enjoy a newfound level of professional freedom.

How to determine if a facility is a good fit for you

You want to diversify your experience as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Surgical Tech, or and Radiologic Tech by working in various local facilities. But you also want to make sure you know what to expect once you arrive for your shift. Team CareRev has you covered with the following tips:

#1: Explore the reputation for clinician support

What do you know about this facility’s reputation among your peers in the profession? How do its leaders actively support healthcare professionals facing burnout? What steps are they taking to prevent it before it happens?

CareRev nurses discussing ways to solve burnout

When a facility values you as a professional and as a human being, it provides avenues for practical, comprehensive support. It also recognizes the need to keep its clinicians engaged in their patients’ care as well as their own care.

Talk to peers who work or have worked in this facility about policies, procedures, and initiatives that are in place to help clinicians tear down barriers to better support. Ask specifics about what leaders offer in the short-term and in the long-term to help clinicians thrive.

#2: Think about workload and pace

Is this a busy facility? If so, do you thrive in such an environment? Or would you feel more comfortable at a facility with a slower pace?

#3: Consider staffing technology

As a CareRev nurse, you will have the chance to partner with facilities that are already invested in creating a responsive, resilient workforce with our technology. They are seeking to streamline onboarding and reduce their reliance on both long-term staffing commitment and travel contracts. Their interest in transforming the workforce with flexible staffing allows them to engage nurses through mobile technology - an avenue nurses want to pursue to find work, manage shifts, and stay connected with their colleagues.

In a recent survey of CareRev nurses, roughly 85% said they believed mobile apps are the future of healthcare. Almost 80% reported they’d be more interested in working for a technologically advanced facility compared to a hospital that uses outdated processes.

CareRev nurse booking shifts on her app

You’ll also have the opportunity to be a part of our exclusive online community of experienced healthcare professionals. In this community, you can share experiences and get real-time responses from other CareRev professionals. Ask them about their experiences in facilities. Talk to them about which facilities are using CareRev in ways that allow them to best support internal clinicians.

#4: Review local caregiving commitments

Part of the core CareRev premise is the focus on keeping caregiving local. Up to 60% of your patients’ health is determined by their zip code. When facilities engage local healthcare professionals to care for their patient communities, they are providing those professionals with the opportunity to champion their neighbors’ healthcare needs.

As a CareRev nurse, you know that you’ll be working with facilities who are invested in their communities’ health. Ask your peers about connections and partnerships between the facility and the community. Chat with your CareRev support community about their experiences being health advocates for their communities.

#5: Delve into shift and culture details

What is the commute to work like? Which shifts are usually available? What are the orientation expectations? Are there upcoming opportunities to fill in for someone for a particular certification you have?

Also, consider what the working environment is like. How do internal units and CareRev best collaborate? Talk to your CareRev community about which specialists on staff are most likely to support you during a shift as well as the workstyles of the unit.

Think about how claiming a shift at this facility will help you fit your work into your life rather than fit your life into your work schedule.

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