March 4, 2022

Keep Caregiving in Your Community with Local, Flexible Professionals

Healthcare professionals who represent your patients help your facility build strong community connections. Here's how to engage.

Up to 60% of your health is determined sole by your zip code
Keep caregiving in your community with CareRev

Having healthcare professionals who are representative of your patients is crucial to connecting with your communities.

Your facility understands the impact that environment plays on individual and community health. A focus on population health "can lead as a cornerstone of a resilient health system,” prompting your clinicians to focus on wellness and engage patients in their own care.

Mirror that approach in your workforce: keep caregiving in your community by hiring local professionals for per diem shifts. Our platform allows you to engage healthcare professionals where they are and fill shifts at scale so your patients get help faster.

Leverage your community’s flexible professionals while reducing the friction of getting professionals in the door and your reliance on costly travel contracts and long-term staffing commitments.

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