November 1, 2023

Happy Rad Tech Week: 7 Rad Tech Week Ideas & Gifts They’ll Love

A group of four rad techs in blue scrubs smile.

Radiologic technologists, often referred to as rad techs, play an indispensable role in the healthcare industry. Rad techs use x-ray and other imaging technology to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of health issues. 

National Rad Tech Week is held the week of November 8th every year to celebrate the discovery of the X-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. This Rad Tech Week 2023, we honor unsung heroes who are dedicated, accurate, and play a vital role in patient care. Let’s explore seven rad tech week ideas and rad tech gifts to show them some love.

How family and friends can show appreciation

  1. Prepare a special meal. Plan a day to cook a homemade meal to share with your favorite rad tech. It will be one less worry for them in their busy week, and they'll have time with their loved one (you). 
  2. Write a heartfelt note. There’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note or letter from someone in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you. Remind them of the positive impact they have on patients and the community. 

How healthcare facilities can give back

  1. Listen to your rad techs. Create opportunities for your techs to provide feedback and be heard. Find ways to support their needs, like by offering flexibility in scheduling and time off. Now more than ever, healthcare professionals need to feel heard and appreciated by their employers. 
  2. Professional development opportunities. Provide resources or sponsor attendance at a professional development event, workshop, or conference related to radiology or healthcare.

Gifts rad techs will love

  1. Prepare a wellness package. Make a self-care package. Include items such as oils, bath bombs, and teas. These items will help them relax and take care of themselves.
  2. Custom apparel or scrubs. Gift them custom-made scrubs or apparel with a special message or their name embroidered, adding a personalized touch to their work attire.
  3. Tech gadgets. Consider gifting tech gadgets or accessories that align with their interests, such as health tracker technology or a new phone case for work.

This Rad Tech Week, let’s take time to give them the spotlight they deserve. These professionals work tirelessly, making sure doctors have the right images to make accurate calls on treatment. They're a vital part of the healthcare puzzle, and this week is all about recognizing their hard work, skill, and how they make a real difference in the lives of countless patients. Thank you, rad techs, for all that you do!

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