January 18, 2024

Happy Nurses Week 2024: 24 Ways to Celebrate Nurses in 2024

How to celebrate the nurse heroes in your life - Updated for 2024!

A group of nurses smiling.

While every day is a great day to celebrate nurses, during National Nurses Week 2024, we at CareRev want to share our deepest gratitude for all nurses who continue to inspire us with their compassion, courage, and empathy. 

As we reflect on all that nurses do to care for patients, we’ve pulled together a list of nurse week ideas to recognize nurses and show those in your life how much you appreciate them. Read on for 24 ways to celebrate National Nurses Week in 2024. 

A family celebrates nurse with special Nurses Week dinner.

How families and friends can support the nurses in their life

1. Offer a listening ear. Understand how best to celebrate your nurse hero by asking them how they’re doing.

2. Write encouraging notes. Send them off to work with an uplifting message (You’re amazing! You’ve got this! Have a great day!) 

3. Cheers to the nurses. Plan a celebratory night out with friends. 

4. Take something off their plate. This could be as small as taking on extra chores around the house, picking them up from work, or walking the dog so they can rest. 

5. Prep a special meal. Cook a homemade meal they can take to work or order their favorite food during their break. 

6. Plan a staycation. During their days off, take advantage of what your hometown has to offer – or maybe just binge the newest episodes of your favorite show.

Nurses discuss ideas on a wall with post-it notes.

How facilities can give back

7. Listen to your nurses. Find ways to show support, such as allowing for flexible scheduling and prioritizing time off requests. Hear from them on ways to equip teams with the tools they need to alleviate administrative burden and bring them back to the bedside.

8. Support career growth. Host a professional development seminar for your employees and empower nurses to take on leadership roles.

Four to-go coffee cups being gifted to nurses for Nurses Week.

How patients can give thanks

9. Write a thank you note. Show how much you appreciate your nurses with a handwritten card. 

10. Give them a gift card or bring in a sweet treat. Pick up goodies from a bakery or coffee from a favorite local shop. 

11. Gift them a DIY nurse survival kit. Nursing is hard. A thoughtful gift like a survival kit can be both uplifting and useful.

Two nurse friends look at a phone and laugh.

How nurses can celebrate each other 

12. Be each other’s cheerleader. This can be as easy as writing a quick post-it-note and leaving it on someone’s desk or giving a shout out in a meeting. 

13. Support fellow nurses while treating yourself! Show some love to one of these nurse-owned businesses

14. Toast to one another. Plan a team happy hour or luncheon.

15. Be an ally. Connect with nurses who are new to the field to see how they are doing.

A stethoscope and wrapped gift for Nurses Week.

Gifts that nurses would love:

16. Apparel from Purpose People and FIGS scrubs – these are favorites among nurses.  Use the code “CAREREV” to receive 10% off on your next Purpose People purchase!

17. Personalized tumbler – because you can never have too many reusable water bottles.

18. Clove shoes and compression socks – help them show off their personality, while supporting them and their feet.

(For more nurses day gift ideas, check out our Ultimate Nurse Gifting Guide!)

A nurse relaxes with coffee and reflects while looking out window.

And if you are a nurse reading this, take a moment to celebrate yourself 

19. Make time for your hobbies. Take a moment to dance, run, bake, read, or do whatever you love.

20. Reflect on your impact. Take time to recognize everything you have accomplished.

21. Set goals. Think about what’s ahead and create a vision board to map out your future.

22. Take a walk. Mix up the day with some time in the sun during your break. 

23. Order a meal from your favorite restaurant. Remember that healthcare professionals who work with CareRev receive free DashPass!

24. After a long day, spend some time with a self-care routine. Do a face mask or take a restorative bath. If you really want to celebrate, treat yourself to a spa day. You deserve it! 

Between the small moments, daily routines, and life-changing milestones, nurses work hard to take care of us. This Nurses Week, we recognize the impact nurses have on all of our lives and acknowledge the dedication, hard work, and sacrifices made throughout their careers. 

To all the nurses, we cannot thank you enough. Enjoy National Nurses Week!

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