June 2, 2023

A Note From CareRev’s New CEO, Brandon Atkinson

A note from CareRev's new CEO.

When I was leading a global services organization at a marketplace startup, I developed a training program called “You’re The CEO Of Your Career.” The training was designed to empower the individuals on my team to lead their own professional path and reach their highest potential. It was the best job I’ve ever had. 

Today’s healthcare workforce is clamoring for something similar. Nurses are eager for flexibility – for the ability to book the shifts they want, where they want, to create their own schedules, and to build sustainable, independent careers. And hospitals are yearning for new ways to support their full-time nursing staff, to fill shifts on-demand, and to provide better care to the communities that have depended on them for generations. These are complementary desires. 

Yet, in communities across the country, the connective tissue that should bind hospitals and local nursing professionals is entirely too thin – if it exists at all. Most hospitals are operating with limited staff, blind to the latent local workforce that surrounds them, and routinely fill the gaps in a pinch by spending exorbitantly on contract labor. Most independent nurses are desperate for ways to build lasting professional relationships with their local hospitals, but lack the tools to empower themselves to do so. The disconnect creates frustration for hospitals, nursing professionals, and the communities they serve. 

For eight years, CareRev has been mending this disconnect in communities across the country with technology that bridges the gap between healthcare facilities and local independent nursing professionals. Today, thousands of nurses, certified nursing assistants, and technicians are using CareRev’s technology platform to pick up shifts that work for them at 700+ healthcare facilities nationwide. We continue to expand into new states, launching new partnerships with major health systems and creating a seamless way for them to connect with local independent nursing professionals. 

There’s so much more we are planning to do to make our platform better, smarter, and easier to use.

I’m stepping into my new role as CEO with great excitement for CareRev’s future and great respect for the company’s journey thus far. CareRev was born out of Will’s own experience as a nurse, the frustration he felt seeking independence and flexibility in his career, and the joy he felt once he had found it. The company would not be where it is today without Will’s vision, his ability to breathe life into new ideas, and inspire and rally teams. I hope to bring the same level of leadership to a company brimming with passionate, talented people. 

I joined this company because I am passionate about building things that allow people and institutions to empower themselves. This is an extraordinary time to be building in healthcare – a time of both unprecedented financial turbulence and revolutionary technological promise. CareRev is in a unique position to leverage the latter to help quell the former. 

More than anything, facilities need practical innovation they can implement today to reduce costs, retain talent, and optimize their workforce. And, amidst an ongoing workforce shortage, healthcare professionals need solutions that help restore their passion for caregiving – solutions that offer them the tools and flexibility they need to remain in the workforce. 

CareRev will continue developing technologies and improving processes that help hospitals manage their workforce and help independent nursing professionals manage their careers. As we enter our next phase of growth, we’ll continue to build out new capabilities, and keep rolling out the perks and features that ensure our professionals have everything they need to take command of their professional life. 

I’m humbled by the opportunity to lead CareRev into the future. While our vision remains the same, I hope to bring my experience operationalizing and scaling companies, communities, and teams that create incredible products and services. If there is one commonality across the entirety of my career, it is that every stop along the way has provided me with an opportunity to empower people to take control of their careers.

Brandon Atkinson
CEO, CareRev
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