July 17, 2023

Event Recap: CareRev at the Healthcare Financial Management Association Annual Conference 2023

CareRev's booth at the HFMA 2023 healthcare conference.

The CareRev team has been keeping busy this summer! Last month, we traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Annual Conference. The annual conference gives HFMA members the opportunity to connect and share their strategic guidance on how to address the many challenges that exist within the healthcare system. 

Embracing the power of technology 

Over the past decade, health systems have been barraged with pitches of innovative technologies that claim to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience. The promise of these technologies is gripping, and while they do have the potential to — and hopefully will — change the future of care, healthcare providers can have impact today by adopting technologies that address a more fundamental problem: the labor shortage.

Susan Pasley, MS, BSN, RN, Vice President of Clinical Solutions at CareRev sat down with Eric Humphrey, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer at Froedtert Health to better understand what health systems should look for in a technology partner, and to hear how CareRev’s technology can enable health systems to connect with healthcare professionals in their own backyards, without breaking the bank.

Susan Pasley and Eric Humphrey sit with microphones on stage at HFMA 2023.
Susan Pasley, VP of Clinical Solutions at CareRev and Eric Humphrey, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Froedtert discuss the power of technology at HFMA 2023

Susan and Eric both touched on how nursing shortages continue to escalate across the country, leading to overburdened and burned out nurses. This has a demonstrable impact on patient outcomes and the patient experience, leading to more errors, higher morbidity, and frustrated patients

To help combat the staffing crisis, Eric discussed how hospitals and health systems need practical labor innovation — technology-enabled workforce solutions that are easy to use, quick to plug in, and can change their business for the better, today. 

Susan mentioned that health systems are adopting more of these seamless technology-enabled solutions because they have to – innovation will only continue to grow in healthcare, and by working with innovative partners like CareRev, health systems can fill shifts at scale and cut down on costs. 

"CareRev developed Smart Rates for specifically this reason,” said Susan. “By focusing on implementing new technology, facilities will see a significant impact on workforce management as it relates to saving both time and money."

How CareRev provides pivotal technology and innovation for health systems 

CareRev gives healthcare facilities the tools to flex their workforce based on patient demand. Through CareRev’s innovative technology platform, hospitals and health systems are able to engage local, flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals directly to efficiently and economically manage staffing gaps. 

Susan and Eric concluded their session by discussing how CareRev provides actionable next steps hospitals and health systems can use to build a robust, long-term workforce strategy. Thanks to CareRev’s technology, facilities are able to optimize shift rates and automate processes, saving time and money. 

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