July 15, 2022

CareRev Spotlight: Lifelong Learning with Nurse Educators

At CareRev, nurse educators like Meagan Dally understand that creating a team focused on connections improves morale and patient care.

Nurse educators are a crucial part of the healthcare industry.

These highly qualified professionals help lead and develop the next generation of nurses. Nurses enter the field with a drive to provide care and compassion. Nurse educators add another dimension: they help nurses build stronger connections with patients and foster a culture of nurse advocacy and lifelong learning.

At CareRev, our nurse educators understand that creating a team focused on those connections improves morale and patient care.

“My biggest inspiration for becoming a nurse was my love of helping others.”
        - Meagan Dally, CareRev Clinical Nurse Educator

Meagan recognizes the need for her fellow nurses to give themselves grace. Nurses are exposed to intense situations and feelings. Developing a plan for self-care is vital to replenishing the compassion and empathy needed to face those situations. Meagan said it best: “If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.”

With CareRev, you can do just that. Watch more of Meagan’s experience below.

CareRev allows nurses to build a career that meets their personal and professional needs. As a CareRev pro, you drive your future with the support of experts like Meagan.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Nurse Educator? Check out our guide to Nurse Educator Certification.

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