June 7, 2023

The Rigor of CareRev’s Credentialing & Onboarding Processes

By Brandon Atkinson, CEO and Susan Pasley, BSN, Vice President, Clinical Solutions
Nurse educator sits at table and speaks to nurses.

Since 2015, CareRev has set out on a mission to build a platform that would ease the challenges felt by healthcare professionals and hospitals alike; we sought to find a solution to the nursing shortage, while giving opportunities to healthcare professionals to work where and when they wanted — on their terms — without leaving their hometowns.

We pursue the best and most experienced healthcare professionals possible in order to diminish turnover rates and ensure the highest level of confidence in our candidates before they ever walk through the doors of a hospital.

Today, CareRev has over 40 people internally focused on recruiting, onboarding and deploying healthcare professionals. These teams ensure we meet or exceed credentialing requirements established by The Joint Commission, CMS, CDC, OSHA and HHS, so that each and every one of the healthcare professionals that accepts open hospital and health system shifts through CareRev is operating safely and compliantly. This is the core of our reputation and we’ve invested millions over the years into building out our processes and protocols for screening and onboarding healthcare professionals.

Before a healthcare professional using CareRev’s app can accept a shift at a client’s hospital or health system, we conduct thorough clinical evaluations, background checks and confirm clinical credentials against varied state requirements, depending on where the facility is located.

We are also certified by The Joint Commission — meaning that the nation’s oldest, largest and most reputable healthcare certifying body has reviewed and signed off on our processes and protocols. For recertification, we go through a rigorous accreditation period every 24 months. Our credentialing process includes the following:

  • Background checks conducted by a nationally recognized and accredited third party, KarmaCheck, and manually reviewed when necessary by our team comprised of registered nurses, risk management and credentialing specialists
  • State specific background checks
  • Checks of all global watchlists and federal, state and county criminal and civil records
  • License verification through the industry-leading Nursys database
  • Health and drug screenings
  • Proof of immunizations
  • Verification of Basic Life Support training
  • Verification of Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale and Crisis Prevention Institute certifications by specialty
  • Facility-specific requirements including a mask fit test, computer-based trainings, facility orientations, etc.

Our processes, and thereby healthcare professionals using our platform, are operating well above the industry standard. Nurses who use CareRev’s platform have more education and experience than the industry standard. In fact, almost 80% of nurses accepting shifts on CareRev’s platform have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, while the industry standard is just 65% (source). In addition, 79% of healthcare professionals on CareRev’s platform have five or more years of experience in healthcare, and 41% have 10 or more years.

We are extremely proud of the caliber of healthcare professionals who use our platform. And we will continue to make additional investments in the processes and protocols that will allow us to both further scale our network of professionals and continue to strengthen our relationships with our trusted hospital and health system partners.