July 24, 2023

Empowering Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory surgery centers need to quickly - and sustainably - tackle the staffing shortage.

Surgical staff assess a patient’s imaging results at an outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) across the board are struggling to meet patient demand. Obstacles including the workforce shortage have forced 3 out of 5 post-acute care facilities to “have limited new admissions due to staffing shortages,” and “nearly 3 out of 4 are concerned that they’ll have to close their facilities over staffing problems.”

Addressing ASC workforce recovery

ASCs are grappling with a shortage of qualified professionals, making it difficult to meet patient demand effectively. ASCs require a robust pipeline of professionals to tackle the staffing crisis sustainably. However, with rising wages, these centers are competing for a shrinking pool of available workers. Furthermore, financial constraints often make it challenging to resolve labor challenges effectively. ASCs operate within narrow margins and typically seek cost-conscious options, which can hinder their ability to explore new agency contracts or staffing solutions.

Boosting the post-acute healthcare workforce

So where does CareRev step in? CareRev’s technology platform offers outpatient centers an opportunity to streamline the way in which they manage their workforce and connect with local talent. By integrating CareRev’s platform into a long-term workforce strategy, facilities have the opportunity to embrace practical innovation to:

  • Simplify workforce management into a scalable technology platform 
  • Solve staffing shortages by leveraging local on-demand healthcare professionals
  • Reduce reliance on costly, long-term travel and agency contracts

With CareRev, ASCs can post their shift openings requesting registered nurses, surgical, or radiology techs, or other positions. Fully-vetted professionals on the CareRev app get notifications on their smartphones and can pick up shifts within minutes. This gives ambulatory surgery or outpatient centers the opportunity to staff according to real-time patient needs. 

CareRev streamlines recruiting, credentialing, and onboarding, providing a quick and easy avenue for centers to strengthen their healthcare professional network.  CareRev’s experienced, multi-specialty interview team builds a high-quality pool of clinical professionals by:

  • Recruiting with a data-driven and purposeful strategy 
  • Promoting opportunities through social media channels, events, and campaigns to build connections with professionals with relevant experience 
  • Engaging with professionals on our platform so that they are active and ready to work
  • Driving communications prior to credential expiration to ensure professionals are in compliance
  • Continuously researching and complying with new standards from The Joint Commission

ASCs need to up-level their operations to quickly tackle the surgical staffing shortage. With CareRev, turnover and staffing shortages at post-acute care facilities are addressed through a technology-enabled, on-demand staffing model. CareRev offers more consistency in staffing levels to meet the needs of facilities, staff, and the patients.

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