July 20, 2022

Enhance the Engagement: Building a Stronger Nursing Workforce

For facilities to retain nurses, they must first create and cultivate an environment that engages both the internal staff and the per diem team. The next step? Tapping into the local labor market. 

For nurses, maintaining engagement at work can be a struggle.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for these dedicated professionals who impact many lives day in and day out to possess both the tools and the time to effectively tackle stress, burnout, and exhaustion.

Introducing innovation to workplace strategies can make a world of difference as nurses are re-engaged in an effective, practical way.

“How do we get more intentional about workforce development and welcoming people into healthcare that hadn't thought about healthcare as an option before?”
        - Mark Smith, VP of Workforce Strategy & Analytics at Providence

Watch more from Mark Smith and CareRev CEO and founder Will Patterson below:

When nurses enjoy what they do and feel championed within their profession, they “can have a sense of belonging and feel more ownership to contribute to their work.” They are also able to engage more fully, reinforcing an innate desire to continue to ensure high quality patient care.

For facilities to successfully retain nurses, they must first create and cultivate an environment that engages its internal staff as well as its per diem team. This organizational change starts with offering the flexibility and professional freedom modern nurses demand. The next step? Tapping into the local labor market.

Click below to access our free webinar on creating a more resilient staffing ecosystem below, including how to effectively re-engage nurses.

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