August 2, 2022

Event Recap: CareRev at the 2022 AHA Leadership Summit

At the 2022 AHA Leadership Summit, we put the spotlight on our most impressive differentiator: CareRev is a platform that is helping both professionals and healthcare facilities.

Recently, the CareRev team was in San Diego, CA for the 2022 AHA Leadership Summit. The conference brought together senior healthcare executives, clinicians and experts in the field to present on high-level, transformational strategies and innovative approaches for delivering better care and greater value, ensuring financial stability, enhancing public trust and confidence, addressing workforce challenges and improving the health care consumer experience.

Creating a resilient workforce with CareRev

Will Patterson, CareRev co-founder & CEO, co-led a session with Teri Lux, President and COO at Froedtert Menomonee Falls, and provided practical insights on how to create a resilient workforce with a flexible approach to nurse staffing. Defining efficient workforce strategies is crucial now more than ever to address nursing shortages, fill open shifts, and provide relief for staff members.

Teri discussed how the greatest challenge that many health facilities are facing is how to recruit and retain staff. In the post-pandemic world, a common need among healthcare professionals is the ability to build the flexibility that they want in their careers. Speaking to that, as well as alleviating burnout, Teri shared that Froedtert wants to protect its professionals and that CareRev helps make that possible. Partnering with CareRev has provided a new approach to staffing and transformed the way Froedtert finds its talent pool.

Teri also discussed how the newer generation of nurses and CNA’s, in the Milwaukee region specifically, are coming into the field and looking for gig opportunities. The gig economy is allowing for professionals to work where they want and when they want. For Froedtert, CareRev helps them think more broadly and jump into a tech platform that prompts them to look at staffing from a completely different perspective, to create a flexible budget, and to provide a schedule that works for everyone.

Will also touched on the power of data within the healthcare community:

“What we’ve found in working with hospitals is that CareRev has access to a lot of data around staffing that we can turn into useful insights. For example, the healthcare industry uses data on patient quality and safety and how medicine is administered. However when it comes to staffing, it has been traditionally based on averages.”

Optimizing the power of healthcare data

Healthcare data that is only focused on averages creates limitations in trend insights. But by having this type of data from CareRev, facilities can be more strategic as they map out their workforce planning strategy. This data is what is giving Froedtert and other hospital partners the information that they are looking for directly from the professionals.

By prioritizing this data, CareRev continues to learn what professionals want and need to keep them in the field.

Teri and Will concluded their session focusing on CareRev’s most impressive differentiator: it’s a platform that is helping both the professionals and the healthcare facilities. CareRev is able to fill shifts for facilities with local talent while providing healthcare professionals with flexibility.

It also helps shed a new light on staffing and provides a new workforce solution to an industry that has changed tremendously over the past few years.

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