March 1, 2024

Everything You Need to Create a DIY Nurse Survival Kit

DIY Nurse Survival Kit: water bottle, aspirin, chocolate, lotion, compression socks, gum, mint, energy drink.

A DIY nurse survival kit serves as an ideal and thoughtful gift for the tireless healthcare heroes who dedicate themselves to patient care. In the demanding and often stressful world of nursing, such a personalized kit reflects a genuine understanding of the challenges they face daily. 

Including essentials like energy-boosting snacks, a reusable water bottle, comfortable compression socks, and perhaps a personalized note of appreciation, the survival kit becomes a source of comfort and motivation during long shifts. 

Two takes on a nurse survival kit gift

In this guide we’ll create two different nurse survival kits to give you ideas for the nurses in your life.

  • The practical nurse survival kit: This kit will cost more for supplies, but will provide nurses with items they can use during a long shift. 
  • The candy nurse survival kit: This kit is less pricey to assemble, but may require more creativity.

Practical nurse survival kit how-to

This kit idea is full of practical items nurses may use day-to-day as they work shifts. Feel free to substitute any items you think the nurse in your life would appreciate! Below are our suggestions for items to include:

  1. A reusable water bottle: Everyone needs hydration, especially nurses who are on their feet and moving around all day. A quality reusable water bottle is practical and environmentally friendly.
  2. Fast-relief headache medicine: Nurses don’t often have the luxury of leaving a shift early. When a headache hits, they need quick relief so they can stay focused and feel good.
  3. An energy drink shot: Nursing shifts can be long. Sometimes they may need a pick-me-up. These energy drink shots are small, quick to drink, and pack a punch.
  4. Mints or gum: Nurses often have a lot of face time with patients and other staff. Their favorite mints or gum can help them feel fresh and confident through their shift. 
  5. Compression socks: Being on your feet all day can take a toll on the body. Compression socks can help nurses stay comfortable through a long shift. Check out the top compression socks of 2024 for ideas here. 
  6. Their favorite snack bar: On a nursing shift, breaks can be short. A quick and nutritious snack bar is always a good idea to keep on hand when hunger strikes.
  7. A nice hand lotion: Constant washing and hand sanitizer use can leave hands dry and painful. Supplying them with a quality hand lotion can help keep their hands feeling good.
  8. A thoughtful note: Though all these items are practical and useful, there’s nothing like an encouraging message from someone who cares. A heartfelt note is the perfect way to finish off your practical nurse survival kit.

Candy nurse survival kit how-to

This candy kit idea is fun and whimsical. The contents can be easy to pick up at your local grocery store or drug store, which is an extra bonus.

  1. A fun note explaining the contents: The explanation of each item is what makes this kit special. Check out this editable nurse’s survival kit tag from Etsy for inspiration.
  2. Gum: For getting out of sticky situations.
  3. A pen: For writing all those prescriptions.
  4. A notepad: To keep track of all you have to do.
  5. Reeses Pieces: To remind you you’re an important piece of the team.
  6. Starburst: For an extra burst of energy. 
  7. Mints: To help you keep your cool.
  8. Chocolate: For stress relief after a long day.
  9. Sanitizer: To keep the germs away.
  10. Lifesavers: Because you really are one!
  11. A nurse survival kit bag to hold it all together: Check out this one from Amazon.

A DIY nurse survival kit serves as a thoughtful and practical gift, ideal for expressing gratitude to a dedicated nurse or welcoming a new one into the profession. As healthcare professionals, nurses often face demanding and challenging situations, and a well-curated survival kit can provide comfort and support. 

This personalized gesture not only acknowledges the hard work and commitment of nurses but also equips them with items that enhance their well-being during demanding moments on the job.

Looking for more ways to say “thank you” to the nurse in your life? Check out these Nurses Week ideas for showing appreciation.

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