May 26, 2023

Filling in the Gaps: How CareRev Improves Staffing Efficiencies‍

Staffing inefficiencies can strain a facility, creating urgency for viable, innovative solutions. Here's how to improve support for your internal team.

Frustrations related to staffing inefficiencies are not new to healthcare facilities. Some frustrations often include dealing with the hassle of phone calls, faxes, and emails while filling staffing gaps and ensuring quality patient care. When team members are pushed beyond capacity and lack available resources, patient care suffers.  

Solving healthcare staffing challenges

Adopting practical and effective tech solutions can be the difference between a struggling facility and a thriving facility. Facilities have been overwhelmed with pitches of innovative technologies that claim to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and revamp the patient experience. It’s difficult to ignore their promises, but it’s crucial for facilities to consider what these tech solutions bring to the table today as well as to the future of healthcare.

The CareRev platform was created to allow innovative staffing today so that your facility is prepared to revolutionize its place in healthcare tomorrow. Once implemented, it allows your facility’s staffing managers to post shifts and view schedules right away.

Nurse on CareRev platform booking shift

An added benefit of this technology is the ability it grants our vetted pool of local professionals to see what is available in their area. This provides facilities with the help of flexible, external resources.

How CareRev improves efficiency with on-demand work

With CareRev, your facility’s staffing managers gain access to automation, lightening the operational load and allowing them to focus on more strategic responsibilities. It has a simple interface that requires very little training for your team and no more than a brief tutorial for healthcare professionals. By offering simple innovation, we give your facility the tools it needs to access and foster relationships with healthcare professionals in the local community.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios to show how this works:

Scenario #1

Your facility is facing staffing challenges and RNs are taking on an extra patient during their shift. Patient care tasks are now being completed late or not at all, hindering patient experience and quality care.


Your facility understands the need to ensure high quality care and patient experience. Posting vacant shifts with CareRev allows you access to a range of professionals who can fill in the appropriate gaps, especially when patient need fluctuates.

Scenario #2:

Dedicated, long term staff are working extra shifts, not taking their available accrued time off. This can lead to burnout, which has a direct impact on patient satisfaction and quality care.


With access to the CareRev platform, you have on-demand staffing opportunities immediately available to you that help remove any reservations your full-time, internal employees may have. It’s crucial for your team to prioritize their wellness and their work-life balance. When they are out sick, taking a mental health day, or on vacation, your staffing manager can enjoy peace of mind thanks to CareRev. Experienced professionals on our platform with matching skills can quickly step in and help the team maintain its top-of-license staffing model.

If your team is facing a long-term need to hire internal staff to operate top-of-license, your staffing managers can lean on per diem talent. Our talent pools of fully-vetted RNs, CNAs, and Surgical and Radiologic Technicians within your community are available for shifts upon request.

Staffing inefficiencies can strain a facility, creating urgency for viable, innovative solutions. For CareRev, that is at the core of what we do:

  • our technology enhances support so facilities may increase efficiency of care
  • our Joint Commission-certified onboarding processes makes it simple for recruiting and onboarding local professionals
  • our convenient upload process for credentials provides accessibility to important documents for your staffing managers to review as needed

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