May 17, 2022

Four Ways CareRev Supports Healthcare Professionals’ Mental Health

Prioritizing mental health involves a number of approaches, tools, and services. Let's look at 4 ways CareRev supports clinical professionals as they do just that.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, CareRev is shining the spotlight on healthcare professionals. To the many brave clinicians who work so hard every day, we recognize that the pandemic likely took a toll on your mental health. Many hospitals and health systems are doing their best to support your mental health by encouraging self-care, providing access to support tools and programs, and working to address staffing shortages.

As part of the healthcare community, we at CareRev are also taking steps to prioritize your mental health. First and foremost, we’re committed to connecting you with opportunities to create a flexible schedule that supports what you value most, whatever that might be. 

Here are four additional ways we are helping to support our healthcare heroes:

1. Preventing burnout

The pandemic created an environment within the healthcare community rife with ingredients for burnout: 

  • high workloads due to higher patient volume 
  • staffing shortages
  • frantic pace due to the crisis situation
  • overwhelming emotional effects 

Combine all of these, and it’s easy to understand how the sense of burnout and the experience of depression, anxiety, and insomnia have been so common among your colleagues. 

Preventing burnout means caring for clinical professionals by mitigating the causes of burnout. Healthcare administrators can’t control the virus, but they can address staffing shortages by augmenting their core staff with per-diem professionals. CareRev provides flexible support as part of a comprehensive staffing ecosystem, allowing core staff to keep working manageable hours at a reasonable pace. 

To further support CareRev professionals, we’ve partnered with Ginger, the world’s first integrated mental healthcare system. We understand that your mental health and well being are vital to how you work and live. Professionals will now receive eight virtual sessions with a therapist or psychiatrist, unlimited texting with a behavioral coach, and other resources provided in the Ginger app.

Clinical healthcare professionals discussing the impact of flexible work schedules on their mental health

2. Offering flexible scheduling

Nurses are demanding more flexible scheduling for a healthier work-life balance. CareRev enables flexible scheduling by allowing core staff to work the hours they prefer while CareRev professionals fill in gaps that fit their schedules. 

According to our 2020 survey, 64% of our professionals joined our platform because they need flexible schedules. If you’re ready to work where you want and when you want, our platform provides: 

  • local access: you can help keep caregiving in your community 
  • streamlined credentialing: you can upload and store credentials in minutes
  • simple scheduling: you can view and book shifts directly from our app
  • 2x week payments: you get paid quickly and frequently

3. Promoting professional satisfaction

Lack of professional freedom and development can contribute to burnout. CareRev makes it easier for you to work top of license, supporting you as you stay professionally engaged. 

Per-diem professionals who work full- or part-time through CareRev report that they enjoy working in different departments. They get to expand their professional network and learn a variety of skills, processes, and procedures. Some per-diem professionals get offered permanent roles while others remain dedicated per-diem pros.

By booking shifts in your local community through our app, you can craft a work schedule that fits your life. You can also take time off when you need it and bring your best self to each shift you choose to work. 

A nurse using the CareRev app to create a flexibile and fulfilling schedule

4. Instilling financial freedom

Money is one of life’s greatest stressors. A recent Money and Mental Health report noted that nearly half (42%) of Americans surveyed said money worries have a negative impact on their mental health. Fear of losing a job, not being able to pay the bills due to a prolonged illness, or simply not having much emergency savings can all trigger anxiety.

Given such concerns, it’s no surprise many CareRev professionals (42%) also have a full-time job and most (73%) use CareRev to earn extra money. The takeaway for healthcare administrators is clear: CareRev professionals bring top-notch experience in their fields to local facilities, and they are ready to engage in the nurse entrepreneurship revolution.

Join the CareRevolution!

Our co-founder, CEO, and fellow nurse, Will Patterson, is hitting the road on a cross-country listening tour to meet with healthcare professionals across the country. He'll be learning from professionals themselves what will keep them serving their local communities and what needs to change in healthcare in order to keep them engaged in their careers and providing quality patient care.

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