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December 1, 2021

6 Things to Know About CareRev Healthcare Professionals

At CareRev, we take the time to get to know our healthcare professionals, so we know they’re a good fit for our team. And yours.

By Heather Johnson

As healthcare organizations rethink their staffing strategy, many plan to lean more heavily on temporary and per-diem talent. If your 2021 staffing plan includes more use of agency, you may want to look beyond traditional options.

CareRev has transformed the healthcare staffing industry by giving healthcare organizations a fast and easy way to find experienced per-diem talent. Our platform is easy to implement and use and, with a competitive and thorough vetting process, we ensure the highest quality of professionals. 

Here’s a bit about the CareRev professionals who make the cut:


#1: They're not only nurses

Healthcare providers use several different types of CareRev RNs: med-surg, telemetry, ICU, emergency department, perioperative, PACU, and OR (inpatient and outpatient). We also support you with CNAs, sterile processing techs, surgical techs, radiologic techs, and medical assistants through the CareRev platform.

We’re continually broadening our talent pool to include a wide range of healthcare professionals in a growing number of regions. This allows you to fill more of your staffing needs with top-of-license professionals.

#2: They go through a rigorous vetting process

We know your success depends on the performance of our healthcare professionals. That’s why we go through several steps to ensure you receive only high-quality talent, including:

  • A multi-specialty-trained RN - not a recruiter - conducting the initial interview. 
  • A background check that includes National criminal records, sex offender review, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), and previous employment verification.
  • Immunity records and certifications to make sure candidates have up-to-date TB, MMR, TDAP, Hepatitis B, Flu, and Varicella vaccines. ACLS, BLS, CNOR, CCRN certifications are also verified if applicable.
  • An in-depth onboarding process that includes orientation to the CareRev app, a self-assessment, and a skills checklist - the results of which end up on the professional’s profile for you to access and review. 
  • When needed, the ability to sign up for preceptor shifts and EMR classes and/or an orientation session with facility staff.

CareRev nurse caring for patient

#3: We monitor their performance through regular feedback from you

After a professional has completed the vetting process and starts picking up shifts at your facility, you can provide them (and us) with ongoing feedback in real time, which ensures ongoing high quality care. In addition, our platform enables you to mark a professional as a “Favorite” - you want this professional to have priority over others when they pick your shifts - or as a “Do Not Return (DNR)” - you do not want the professional working in your facility anymore.


#4: Professionals love the flexibility

The future of work is all about flexibility. Even in traditional environments such as healthcare, flexible schedules and telecommute options are becoming the norm rather than rare perks.

An October 2020 survey of CareRev professionals found 64% joined CareRev because they needed a flexible schedule and 58% planned to pick up shifts occasionally. Another 36% said they enjoyed working at different facilities. Providing the ability to work in a more flexible setting has allowed us to attract talent that you might otherwise miss through traditional hiring.


#5: Most CareRev professionals have a full-time job

There is no need to worry about your staff leaving for a totally per-diem career. Almost half the respondents (42%) have a full-time job compared to 25% that mainly work per-diem. Most respondents (73%) joined CareRev to earn extra income. 

When you enable a professional to pick up shifts around a full-time job, it provides extra assurance you’re working with an experienced clinician. What they learn at their other job carries over to their per-diem work.

Per diem nurse caring for patient


#6: Most join by word of mouth

Almost half of our survey respondents heard about CareRev from a friend or family member, and most (74%) would recommend the app to friends and/or family. That means you have access to healthcare professionals you wouldn’t find through traditional job boards or an agency. 

We’re proud our professionals recommend CareRev to others. Their happiness benefits everyone, especially our providers. Because we take the time to get to know our healthcare professionals, we know they’re a good fit for our team. And yours.

Does your organization need an easy way to bring in per-diem talent on short notice?

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