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October 14, 2022

Healthcare is Not Out of Time Because the Time is Tech

CareRev's SaaS-based healthcare staffing solution battles healthcare worker burnout & boosts ROI at your hospital or healthcare facility. Learn more here.

Workforce burnout, surging healthcare worker demand, and an increase in nursing retirements all continue to significantly impact the healthcare workforce. Empowering your hospital or healthcare facility to close the gap around its healthcare staffing challenge necessitates a tech-focused approach, one that provides your staffing managers with the control needed to address fluctuating patient volume.

Technology-enabled healthcare staffing solutions prioritize the needs of today’s nurses while also advancing your facility’s staffing strategy. In a recent webinar, CareRev CEO and founder Will Patterson chatted with healthcare leaders on the critical need to address burnout among nurses. His prescription for tackling that burnout is at the core of CareRev: a technology platform that empowers healthcare professionals to take control of their careers and build the local, resilient, flexible healthcare workforce of the future.

Here’s a clip from Will on how technology is key to battling burnout:

CareRev’s healthcare staffing technology battles burnout

Moderator: Elizabeth Whitehead, Managing Editor, U.S. News & World Report:

“We have a stressed out workforce. Nurses want more flexibility and are at different points in their career. Some may want to be floating nurses, or you have a staff that needs to have: time off, but you've got nobody to back them up. So we have to create these floating workforces. But having traveling nurses causes resentment because of their higher salaries. Can you weigh in on that?”

Will Patterson, CareRev CEO and founder:

“A lot of the people we see working in these really flexible roles are the retired individuals. They’ll go to Europe for one month. They'll come back, they’ll work. But you know the thing I'm proud of is that we've been able to keep them in the industry. That's our main focus as a company: how do we keep these folks in the industry? These made-career folks are thinking about doing other careers. The new grads can't. I'm talking to new grads who are already talking about leaving nursing in a year.

And so It's really about touching these people's wants and desires. We have people creating LLCs and C corps and starting [inaudible] businesses. There are entrepreneurs here. That's where the labor's at.

Going on to healthcare systems, continuity of care, and creating flexible pools on travel, I’ll be frank: travel nursing makes zero sense whatsoever. You're taking one population in a city and you're moving it to another one, you're taking that population in the city and moving it to another one, and the only folks that gain from that are large staffing agencies who've been living in this model for the last twenty years.

When we're working with healthcare systems, they’re asking how do we access this local labor force? How do we get people who want to work? You have to have technology. Not only are we short on the nursing side but we're also short on the operations side, we’re short on the human resources side, we're short everywhere. You can't have a bunch of folks using Google sheets and telephones and text messaging and emailing to schedule a thousand people for an average of 6.7 shifts [per month]. The repetitive tasks will be done with technology.”

How our SaaS-based healthcare staffing technology works

What technology do your facility’s staffing managers have in place? With CareRev, your hospital or health system, outpatient center, or skilled nursing facility can take advantage of a direct line to local clinical talent and per diem nurses with our SaaS-based solution.

From onboarding healthcare professionals, to managing compliance, to scheduling with ease, CareRev:

  • provides access to an overlooked local talent pool curated to your facility’s needs
  • reduces your labor costs
  • partners to help you build the resilient, flexible healthcare workforce of the future

As a longstanding advocate for the success of our partners, it’s always great to see fellow champions of healthcare excellence continue to take meaningful steps toward securing the future of our ever-evolving industry.

Access the full webinar now to learn more on how nursing leaders are experiencing a transformational way through with the help of CareRev’s revolutionary healthcare staffing technology.

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