March 14, 2022

Healthcare Labor Marketplace Platform CareRev Joins UKG Connect Technology Partner Program

The integration simplifies staffing management workflows by allowing users to easily import and post open shifts to CareRev’s platform from UKG Dimensions.

VENICE, Calif. (March 15, 2022) – CareRev, a marketplace platform that connects hospitals and health systems with local healthcare professionals, today announced it has joined the UKG Connect Technology Partner Program, a collaborative ecosystem of organizations working with UKG to create a more connected workplace experience for employees. UKG is a leading global provider of human capital management, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions.

CareRev makes staffing simple for hospitals and health systems by providing a direct line to pre-screened local talent. With CareRev's UKG integration, staffing managers can post open UKG shifts that pre-qualified professionals can then claim on-demand through CareRev's mobile app. This integration simplifies workflow processes, allowing health systems to activate and manage a latent localized labor pool without having to leave CareRev's platform.

“The healthcare workforce has long faced higher burnout rates than any other occupation, but the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the problem, leading to even greater staffing challenges within overburdened health systems,” said Will Patterson, CEO at CareRev. “CareRev alleviates these challenges by providing staffing managers with a marketplace of local healthcare professionals who can be sourced on-demand. Collaborating with UKG enables health systems across the country to schedule internal employees and leverage CareRev’s marketplace through a more efficient and simplified workflow.”

CareRev amplifies the ability of health systems to cultivate a sustainable source of reliable, qualified talent, reducing the need for unnecessary and costly staffing solutions. By leveraging UKG Dimensions alongside CareRev’s talent marketplace platform, health systems can build a flexible, technology-enabled human resources and workforce management model that allows them to centrally manage internal employees and external resources.

UKG Dimensions is an intelligent global workforce management solution that is cloud-native and mobile first, using AI to empower employees and managers. An open API platform makes it simple and efficient to tightly integrate UKG Dimensions with other business applications, creating a better technology experience for employees.  

“The extensibility of UKG Dimensions allows us to work with technology partners, such as CareRev, to solve critical challenges by reimagining traditional workflows and processes in ways that are not possible with legacy tools,” said Mike May, senior director of the UKG Connect Technology Partner Program at UKG. “Empowering organizations with innovative solutions to rethink their operations is vital to creating the modern experience that employees expect.”

About CareRev

CareRev is a technology platform empowering healthcare professionals to take control of their careers. CareRev provides a direct line between healthcare facilities and local clinical talent, cutting out the middleman and enabling professionals to work where and when they want. Together, we’re building the local, resilient, flexible healthcare workforce of the future. CareRev serves over 32 major metropolitan areas nationwide at over 70 hospitals and health systems, and over 540 outpatient centers and skilled nursing facilities. More than 22,000 clinical professionals (and growing!) are included in CareRev’s network. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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